‘Pokemon Go’: How to Play the Game With a Locked Phone Screen

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Pokemon Go is now available for iOS and Android. (Niantic)

Since Pokemon Go launched in July, one of its most bothersome aspects has been that users must always keep the app open while playing. There is not a way to completely lock your phone and slip it into your pocket when you’re walking from place to place, and having the game running constantly is a major battery drain. Luckily, a new app has just been released that will allow you to get around this system.

It’s called Poke Lock, and it basically does what you’ve probably been looking for since Pokemon Go came out. Technically, the app doesn’t actually lock the screen, but rather it produces a black overlay and disables touch functions, which works just as well. The user then has to double tap the screen in order to get the phone back to normal and continue playing.

That might sound pretty similar to the existing battery-saver mode, but with that, the app returns to normal when the phone moves out of its upside-down position. The result is that sometimes if your phone moves around in your pocket the wrong way, the screen will wake up before you want it to and thus begin accepting inputs again. Poke Lock fixes this problem and effectively makes it impossible for your phone to leave its “locked” state by itself.

Poke Lock also gives you several options for waking the screen back up. You can do so by tapping on the screen, by pressing the power button, by shaking the phone, etc.

Unfortunately, the app is currently only available for Android. But if it’s successful, hopefully the creators will come out with an iOS equivalent in the near future.

Using an app like Poke Lock should save your phone precious battery. But if you’re still having difficulties playing the game for extended periods of time without running out of juice, it may be worth investing in a portable charger as well. For more information, check out our breakdown of the best ones below: