‘Pokemon Go’ Medal List: Every Badge Reward in the Game

'Pokemon Go' is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

‘Pokemon Go’ is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

In Pokemon Go, one of the many rewards players can receive throughout their gameplay are medals, and they come in bronze, silver, and gold. What are all the possible medals, and what is required to get them?

There are currently 28 different medals in Pokemon Go, the bronze ones being relatively easy to achieve and the gold being significantly more difficult. They’re mostly based on actions you’ll be performing throughout your day anyway, such as walking a certain distance, catching a certain number of Pokemon, hatching a certain number of eggs, etc.

Is there any benefit to getting these medals? Well, not reallyYou don’t get any XP from them, and they can’t be redeemed in the store for anything. They’re really just nice ways of giving the player goals to work towards, similar to how achievements work on video game consoles.

You can see your progress on these medals by visiting your player info page, which is accessed by hitting the avatar on the bottom left corner of the screen. Scroll all the way down, and you’ll see a bunch of circles with some progress made on them. When you first get started, this progress will be out of whatever the bronze requirement is.

Via data assembled from The Silph Road, here’s a breakdown of every single medal in Pokemon Go and what you need to do to get it.

Name Description Bronze Silver Gold
Jogger Walk this distance 10 km 100 km 1000 km
Kanto Register this many Pokemon species 20 50 100
Collector Capture this many Pokemon 30 500 2,000
Scientist Evolve this many Pokémon 3 20 200
Breeder Hatch this many eggs 10 100 1,000
Backpacker Visit this many PokéStops 10 1,000 2,000
Fisherman Capture this many Big Magikarp 3 50 300
Battle Girl Win this many gym battles 10 100 1,000
Ace Trainer Train at this many friendly gyms 10 100 1,000
SchoolKid Capture this many normal Pokemon 10 50 200
Black Belt Capture this many fighting Pokemon 10 50 200
Bird Keeper Capture this many flying Pokemon 10 50 200
Punk Girl Capture this many poison Pokemon 10 50 200
Ruin Maniac Capture this many ground Pokemon 10 50 200
Hiker Capture this many rock Pokemon 10 50 200
Bug Catcher Capture this many bug Pokemon 10 50 200
Hex Maniac Capture this many ghost Pokemon 10 50 200
Depot Agent Capture this many steel Pokemon 10 50 200
Kindler Capture this many fire Pokemon 10 50 200
Swimmer Capture this many water Pokemon 10 50 200
Gardener Capture this many grass Pokemon 10 50 200
Rocker Capture this many electric Pokemon 10 50 200
Psychic Capture this many psychic Pokemon 10 50 200
Skier Tale Girl Capture this many ice Pokemon 10 50 200
Dragon Tamer Capture this many dragon Pokemon 10 50 200
Fairy Tale Girl Capture this many fairy Pokemon 10 50 200
Youngster Capture this many Tiny Rattata 10 50 300
Pikachu Capture this many Pikachu 10 50 300