‘Pokemon Go’ Version 1.9.0 Released for iOS Devices

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Pokemon Go has just received a brand new update. (Niantic)

Pokemon Go has just been updated for iOS devices.

Version 1.9.0 of the game hit the app stores for the majority of users on Friday evening, about 16 hours after Niantic announced the update was beginning to roll out.

This update actually came to the app store far quicker than a lot of players expected. Two weeks ago, Niantic announced its new “buddy” update on September 10th. But it wasn’t until several days later that almost anyone had access to it. So when players were told on Friday morning that Version 1.9.0 was on its way, they didn’t really expect to get their hands on it until sometime next week, but thankfully the turnaround was quicker this time.

So what’s different in this version of the game? Unfortunately, there’s nothing too major, although there’s one interesting change. It is now possible to see where exactly you caught a Pokemon. Longtime players will recall that this was possible when the game first launched, but that feature was almost immediately removed. Sadly, although originally players could see an actual map indicating where the Pokemon was caught, now they just receive the information in text form.

Plus, you don’t actually get anything more specific than the city you caught the Pokemon in, so unless you’re someone who travels a lot, chances are there’s not going to be a whole lot of variety in where you got your Pokemon.

Here’s how to see where your Pokemon was caught in the new update:

  • Hit the Poke Ball in the bottom center of the screen to open up the menu.
  • Choose “Pokemon.”
  • Pick the Pokemon you want to get information about.
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.
  • The information about where the Pokemon was captured will be displayed under the Pokemon’s moves.

Another change in Version 1.9.0 will specifically appeal to Pokemon Go Plus players, as it is now possible to catch Pokemon that have spawned from incense items using this device. Before today, those Pokemon would not be registered by the wearable accessory, but for whatever reason Niantic has now changed that one week after the device launched.

Version 1.9.0’s patch notes also make reference to “minor bug fixes,” so we’ll likely find out in the next few days about random issues that this update has resolved. Traditionally these are not officially announced, but players discover as they get playing the new version that some annoying bug has finally been addressed. In fact, there was a bizarre issue recently where Pokemon’s attack IV would correspond with its number in the Pokedex, and it seems that this update has changed that.

Niantic has promised that they will release a new update every two weeks, and they appear to be living up to that, as this update comes almost exactly two weeks after the buddy system launched. In fact, there was even another update in between those two, although the one that launched last Friday was relatively minor and only included a few minor fixes to get Pokemon Go Plus operating more smoothly.

Based on their current schedule, the next Pokemon Go update should be expected on Friday, October 7th. In the future it is expected that the game will receive a trading feature and player-vs-player battles.

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