What Time Will the September 14 ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ News Be Released?

UPDATE 9/14/16 @ 11:16 am EDT: According to Joe Merrick of Serebii.net, there will not be much of a release new today other than the English names of the CoroCoro revealed UB-02s.

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Nintendo is promising a slew of new news for Pokemon fans today. However, some think it may just be the CoroCoro leak rehashed. What time will it come out?

Previous information releases have come out at two separate times for American audiences: a little before or after 9 am EDT or around 1 pm EDT on the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

On September 12, Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro came out with new information about the new dog Pokemon, Rockruff, and the recently revealed Ultra Beasts.

Rockruff has two evolution forms known as Lugarugan in Japanese. Its Midday form is a classic wolf-looking Pokemon, while its Midnight form is a werewolf-like Pokemon. According to Serebii.net, “It also says that Midday Form has a move called AccelRock, which is a priority move, while Midnight Form has got the move Counter.” More official image sof Lugarugan have also been released. Click here to view them.

More information about Ultra Beasts was also given, including the reveal of the two UB-02s. The look of UB-02 differs depending on if you buy Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. To learn more about fan theories pertaining to the recently revealed Ultra Beasts, click here.

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