PS4 Neo Officially Named PS4 Pro, Will Have 4K

Sony announced the newest member of their console family at today’s PlayStation Meeting, and it’s called the PlayStation 4 Pro.

A more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, codenamed PlayStation 4 Neo, has been rumored for some time and its existence was officially confirmed by Sony back in June. The higher-end console has now been revealed under its official name, the PlayStation 4 Pro, along with the price tag, release date, and hardware specifications.

What we know so far is that the PS4 Pro will be both 4K and HDR ready. Other improvements include a 1TB hard drive, doubled GPU power, and a faster CPU clock speed.

They showed off some breathtaking footage of several  games such as SpidermanFor HonorWatch Dogs 2, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided running in 4K. They also displayed some comparison footage of games in the standard color palette versus HDR, and the contrast is astounding.

Lead architect Mark Cerny stated that existing games can be patched to utilize HDR technology, meaning that your old games could soon look much better. They are currently working on patches for “over a half-dozen Sony titles.” The same discs and downloads will run on both the standard console and the PS4 Pro, so there will be no need to repurchase games that you already own to play them on the PS4 Pro. He revealed that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 will support PS4 Pro capabilities at launch.

A new Netflix app will be available at launch specifically for PS4 Pro, with over 600 hours of 4K content, so you can binge-watch your favorite shows in higher resolution than ever.

PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro will release on November 10, 2016, and will be priced at $399. For comparison, the Xbox One S starts at $299, and is also 4K and HDR capable, but has half the GPU power. As of September 15, the original PlayStation 4 price will drop to $299.

The company also finally confirmed the PS4 Slim (a slimmer version of the standard PS4 console), which will be priced at $299.