PS4 Pro Will Be Last Hardware Upgrade for Some Time

Why PS4 Pro wont support 4k blu-rays

It looks as though Sony is content with their current PlayStation 4 lineup (PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro) for the time being, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment head Andrew House.

In a recent interview with The Guardian in which he discussed the console’s lack of 4K Blu-ray support, they also delved into the concept of console lifecycles. When asked if this mid-cycle upgraded represented an end to the typical 5-to-7 year lifespan, he said it was too early to tell, and further stated, “We think that for a really substantial period of time this is the PlayStation 4 lineup. We’re very comfortable with that.”

So, if you were holding out for future UHD Blu-ray support or a PS4 edition to compete with the Xbox Scorpio in terms of power, it doesn’t seem likely at this point. He explained that the company is moving towards a less reactive approach and that if anything, they see the PC as their main competitor, not Scorpio. “When Playstation 4 Pro was being conceived there wasn’t a word about Project Scorpio in the marketplace,” he claimed.

“I saw some data that…suggested that there’s a dip mid-console lifecycle where the players who want the very best graphical experience will start to migrate to PC, because that’s obviously where it’s to be had. We wanted to keep those people within our eco-system by giving them the very best and very highest [performance quality]. So the net result of those thoughts was PlayStation 4 Pro.”

Sony is giving Xbox the ultimate snub by refusing to acknowledge them as a competitor, it seems. Of course, Microsoft didn’t let that insult pass without comment.

This is, of course, in response to claims that PS4 Pro doesn’t have the power to support true 4K resolution.

So, gamers, will be you purchasing the PlayStation 4 Pro on November 10 or holding out for Project Scorpio – “the most powerful console ever” – next year? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow for all your gaming news.