‘Tiny Miners’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Official Tiny Miners (by Kedoo) Announcement Trailer (iOS/Android)Tiny Miners by Kedoo (iOS / Android) Tiny Miners is a twisted fast-paced runner for avid and casual gamers. It combines underground digging with looting resources, crafting equipment and competing in clans. Start your journey to the Earth’s core, search the soil for treasures, watch out for obstacles that disrupt your path and collect valuable…2015-12-31T16:45:35.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Tiny Miners.

1. Gear Up Before You Enter Those Dangerous Mines

Tiny Miners

• Movie buffs, take note: Andy Dufresne only needed a spoon to dig his way out of the Shawshank prison. But it took him like seven years, plus he didn’t have to run into mines, diamond rocks and giant earth core worms on his way to freedom. But you will. So you better gear up before going deep down. Put your best helmet on and arm yourself with your best pickaxe. You can also equip different types of rings, lanterns, necklaces and special mining suits.

2. Invention is the Mother of Survival

Tiny Miners

• Experimenting with the excavated items you discover can yield surprising results. The gear custom you invent and craft may (and probably will) save your life.

3. Big, Bigger, Biggest

Tiny Miners

• Limited inventory? Noooooo! Well, we’re sorry to bring this to your attention but the mines are fairly tight places in barely accessible environments. You cannot expect to park a moving truck next to it. Yet, as soon as you get a chance to expand the inventory…DO IT!

4. Imbue and Shatter

Tiny Miners

• Don’t throw away your less valuable equipment away. Shatter it instead and use it towards improving your stronger gear.

5. Power Ups and Boosters

Tiny Miners

• There are definitely going to be times where the fire starter, magnet or shield power ups come in handy.