WATCH: Nintendo Direct 9.1.2016 Live Stream

This morning, Nintendo will have a brand new Nintendo Direct — the first new direct in months — and although it won’t discuss anything relating to the Nintendo NX, we’re going to receive some 3DS news.

If you’re wondering where to watch the Nintendo Direct, we’ve got the live stream embedded above for your viewing pleasure. The September direct will begin at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT, and there’s a live stream currently available (and live) on the Nintendo YouTube channel. We’re not entirely sure what sort of hijinx the gaming giant might have in store for us or just how formidable today’s Direct will be, but we know that it centers exclusively on the 3DS. This hopefully means we’ll get some new 3DS games announced this morning that will at least give us a few new Nintendo games to play this holiday season.

Although we’d much rather hear about the NX and what sort of Nintendo NX games we should expect at launch, there’s nothing wrong with getting a few more 3DS games before the NX releases in March 2017.

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