When Will the New ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ ‘CoroCoro’ Leak Today?

UPDATE 9/12/16 @ 6 am EDT: CoroCoro has leaked. See the scans here.

See the original story below.

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A new CoroCoro leak is expected for Pokemon Sun & Moon for September 11, 2016. It is expected to reveal the correlation between the evolution of Rockruff and the starters. Fans are also hoping for new Alola forms. But when it will be released?

It should be coming any time within the next 24 to 72-hours. The monthly release date for the Japanese magazine is always around the 15th. Last month’s leak came on Tuesday, August 9 around 3 pm EDT. Included in it were the first images of Bewear, Sandygast, Palossand, Wishiwashi, and more.

Besides Rockruff’s secret evolution and how it affects the starters, which was hinted at in last month’s CoroCoro, a poster on 2ch, a Hong Kong social network that has a section for Pokemon fans, revealed some alleged new “news.” 2ch has previously leaked correct Pokemon information.

A user on the forum, who claims to have seen an unreleased issue of CoroCoro, says that Alolan Ekans and Arbok are Fighting-type and that Alolan Arbok is light brown and larger in size. It was also claimed that there are possible Alolan forms for Electabuzz and Magmar, the former of which becomes Electric/Fairy-type, like Tapu Koko, and the latter becoming an interesting combination of Fire and Grass-type.

Check back for updates when the new CoroCoro is released.

Pokemon Sun & Moon comes out in the US on November 18. Pre-order it here.


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