‘Destiny’ Wrath of the Machine – How to Beat the Siege Engine on Heroic


Destiny’s Wrath of the Machine Hard Mode has released and with it the raid has seen some serious changes to the various boss fights throughout the raid. One of the biggest is during the Siege Engine fight which sees some new additions and a bigger focus on working together as a team. To start this fight follow the same pattern as before, you will need to kill all the enemies guarding the route and then reach the very end. Make sure to have two people focused on fighting the attacking Fallen and four players setting up on the container with sniper rifles.

Once the actual fight begins you will notice that the Siege Engine has extended cannons (and range), plus a very noticeable speed boost which makes focusing damage a high priority. Move from the left turret to the right until the core is exposed then board the Siege Engine as you normally would. From here proceed towards the next area, making sure to trigger the mines along your way so you don’t have to deal with them later.

After you clear the enemies exiting the drop ship, grab the various Siege Engine pieces and run them back like you usually would. Things are going to get tricky here because there will be more yellow bar Captains than before, so we highly recommend running a few swords and shotguns in your crew. However, once you reach the end the big change will happen as a Perfected Spider Tank will drop in front of the ramp and begin to fire at your Fireteam.

Now you have two options, either try to kill the tank as fast as humanly possible or do what my group did and just ignore it completely. Quickly send someone up to deal with the Captain that has boarded the Siege Engine so the ramp will drop and have the rest of your group clear out the enemies and move the pieces together. As soon as the ramp drops disable the tank by shooting its leg and then grab the engine pieces and quickly run them up the ramp. You should have enough time to completely ignore the tank and get the pieces onto the massive rolling death machine.

After you get on board the tank won’t be a threat, so just move all the items to their corresponding locations so you can finish this section off. It should be noted that if your team finishes the Siege Engine section in under six minutes you will complete a task in your Rise of Iron book. After you beat this section ride the Siege Engine to the very end and collect your loot. This can be a difficult fight if you waste too much time on the tank, so make sure to just disable and run by it. Trust me, it will save you and your team a ton of headaches.

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