Full ‘Alola PokeDex’ Leak: What Can be Caught in ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’? [PIC]

full alola pokedex leak


Along with the data mining of new Pokemon from the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo, the full PokeDex for the Alola region has allegedly leaked on 4chan. Find out what’s in it here.

Besides the new, already known Pokemon, the Alola PokeDex includes:

  • Kanto – 87
  • Johto – 30
  • Hoenn – 33
  • Sinnoh – 29
  • Unova – 28
  • Kalos – 14

All the Pokemon available in the Alola region can be viewed above. The Alolan PokeDex begins with Caterpie and its evolutions.

In that leak, the Chinese leak images of the three starter final evolutions were also confirmed.

full alola pokedex leak

Also in the data mine, 4chan hackers have shared images of lots of new Pokemon, including new Alola forms of the Geodude evolution line and Alolan Persian.

See those images here.

Here’s a better look of the complete Alola PokeDex with shinies, too:

full alola pokedex leak

The leak comes on the heels of the release of the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo, released today in Nintendo 3DS eShop. The demo requires 3.2 GB of free space, bigger than all of Nintendo’s previous demos for games. Serebii’s Joe Merrick said it’s bigger than the Super Smash Bros. demo, which had been the largest yet at 2.1GB.

It was also noticed that the demo will add new features on certain dates until the official release date of Pokemon Sun & Moon. To find out those dates and the in-game location of the added story, click here.

Pokemon Sun & Moon comes out in the US on November 18. Pre-order it here.

You can now view this content in Spanish on our sister site, AhoraMismo.com:

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