‘Oz: Broken Kingdom’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Oz: Broken Kingdom.

1. Collect Bronze and Silver Oz Coins

Oz Broken Kingdom

• Visit the Emerald City daily and collect Bronze and Silver Coins. These coins can be redeemed at the Pool of Wonders to collect magical rewards which range from essence, hero abilities, keys and more.

2. Visit the Emerald Tree

Oz Broken Kingdom

• Collect 25 emeralds from the Emerald Tree every 24 hours from the time it was last redeemed. Emeralds are premium in-game currency which can be used to open timed chests and buy Pool of Wonders coins, energy and more.

3. Strategize Each Hero’s Ability Loadout

Oz Broken Kingdom

• Evaluate your hero’s ability loadout before every battle, whether it’s a small two wave or four wave battle. Build your loadout with cards that leverage different mana costs and affinities to maximize your battle flexibility. Drag and drop the desired abilities onto the lower tray and tap to confirm your hero’s new ability loadout. You can change hero abilities prior to battle or via the abilities screen accessible from anywhere you see the Abilities Icon on the screen.

4. Evolve Your Heroes

Oz Broken Kingdom

• Collect a variety of colored pearls to evolve your heroes in order to reach greater heights of power. Chests won after battle sometimes drop the various pearls you are looking for. To find out what pearls you need for each hero’s next evolution stage, visit the in-game Hero’s screen.

5. Leverage the Affinity Wheel for Optimal Attacks

Oz Broken Kingdom

• Understand each hero and their abilities’ affinity power. Leverage the knowledge of the affinity wheel against enemies for a stronger attack bonus during battle. You can find the affinity wheel in the bottom left hand corner of your screen before and during battles.

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