‘Pokemon Go’: When Does the Halloween Event Start & End?

Pokemon Go Halloween event, Pokemon Go Halloween, Pokemon Go Halloween announcement

‘Pokemon Go’ is about to hold a special Halloween event. (Niantic)

Pokemon Go is getting ready to begin its first ever special event, a week of Halloween festivities in the free-to-play mobile app. When is the event going to launch, and how long should players expect it to last?

According to Niantic, the special Pokemon Go Halloween event will commence on Wednesday, October 26th. It will last for seven days, taking users through Halloween itself and finally ending on Tuesday, November 1st.

A few elements of the game will be changing for the spooky Halloween spectacular. For one, you’ll be able to rack up much more candy than usual. From the 26th through the 1st, catching, transferring and hatching Pokemon will earn you double the amount of candy. This means you’ll get six candies for catching a Pokemon and two candies for transferring a Pokemon. Plus, hatching a 2km egg will get you 20 candies, hatching a 5km egg will get you 40 candies, and hatching a 10km egg will get you 60 candies.

Walking your buddy Pokemon during Halloween week will also allow you to stock up on even more candy. When you walk your buddy from the 26th through the 1st, you’ll get four times the amount of candy as usual. So, for example, Bulbasaur normally requires you to walk two kilometers in order to earn a single candy. But now, walking two kilometers with Bulbasaur will earn you four candies. Just like in real life, then, Halloween will be the perfect time for you to stock up on sugary goodness.

This is the first special event to take place in Pokemon Go. It’s the kind of thing Niantic would frequently implement in their previous mobile game, Ingress, and so many Pokemon Go players are excited to see the company extending the lifespan of the game in this way. We know that Niantic plans to hold special events related to the release of new Pokemon and the legendary birds, but it’s also now possible we might get something for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other upcoming holidays.

Pokemon Go‘s latest update is now available on app stores.


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Malia Messina

Good recap! Specifically what time does Pgo Halloween start? 12am Oct 26, US Central time?


Want to know this too so bad. Will not be working tuesday and trying to see if there will be time!

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