‘Pokemon Go’ Version 1.13.4 & 0.43.4: What Did the Update Change?

'Pokemon Go' is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

‘Pokemon Go’ is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

Pokemon Go has been updated to Version 1.13.4 on Android devices and 0.43.4 on iOS devices. What’s new in the latest update?

This is one of those extremely minor Pokemon Go updates that only fixes a few behind-the-scenes issues rather than altering the game in any major way or rolling out any new features. In fact, Niantic didn’t even bother to detail what’s in the update, just saying on Twitter that it contains “minor bug fixes.”

We can assume, though, that this update probably attempts to address a recent bug where opening up the app pauses any audio that’s playing on your device. There have also been some players experiencing issues with Pokemon sprites not appearing, while still others have encounters a strange glitch where their character doesn’t seem to fully load, with the trainer looking like a Shadow from Kingdom Hearts instead.

Niantic recently launched a more significant update, Version 1.13.3 and 0.43.3, which alters the color of eggs and adds “type” icons to a Pokemon’s screen. Occasionally an update like this inadvertently creates some glitches, and so Niantic follows it up with a patch that fixes those problems.

However, it appears Version 1.13.4 and 0.43.4 has created a new problem of its own, with Pokemon Go Plus users now not working for trainers across the globe. Niantic is aware of this, recently putting up a statement on their website that reads, “Trainers may experience issues with Pokémon GO Plus. We’re aware and are working on a fix. Stand by for an update.” If you’re a Pokemon Go Plus user, then, you may not want to update the app until Niantic is able to find a solution.

This new update comes as Pokemon Go begins its first special event, in this case a week of Halloween festivities. From today until November 1st, trainers will get extra candy for catching and transferring Pokemon, plus they’ll earn candy with a buddy four times as fast. “Spooky” Pokemon will also spawn much more regularly, so if you’ve been looking to stock up on Ghost types, this week provides the perfect opportunity.

Pokemon Go updates tend to roll out every two weeks, so we should expect the new significant update sometime during the week of November 7th.




You ****** up the Android/iOS version numbers. Please proof-read before making your name idiot worldwide…


pokeball disapears while trying to capture a pokeman. Lose Buddy and my avatar turns black ocassionally.

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