‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’: Starter Evolutions Revealed in New Trailer

In a new trailer released today by the Pokemon Company, the evolutions of Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio have been revealed to be Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne. See screenshots here. Dartrix is known as the "Blade Quill Pokemon." It has the Overgrow ability like most Grass-type starters. According to the official Pokemon website, "Dartrix is extremely sensitive to other presences in the area and can detect opponents behind it and throw feathers to strike them without even seeing them. This Pokémon conceals sharp-bladed feathers inside its wings, showing astounding precision as it sends them flying in attack. And it goes beyond propelling its blade quills in simple straight lines—it can even bend these feathers to change their trajectories!Revealing a certain snobbiness in its personality, Dartrix cares a great deal about its appearance, grooming its feathers in every spare moment. In truth, it’s also a bit of a birdbrain, with a tendency to bungle things up. Once it makes a mistake, it sometimes gets into a desperate struggle to gloss over the situation and ends up making a bigger mess than ever.At times, this Pokémon feels so bothered by its dirty or ruffled feathers that it can’t focus on battle. When it loses its focus, it sometimes even retires from the battle on the spot! It’s up to each Trainer to help Dartrix overcome this troublesome stage. If this Pokémon is with a Trainer who helps it through, its strength will grow hugely!"

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