‘Riders of Icarus’: Top 10 Most Powerful Mounts

Taking to the skies is the ultimate fantasy that many wish to fulfill. While it may not be an obtainable goal for everyone, it is for those who are heavy into gaming. Nexon knows there are gamers out there who want to transport themselves into fantastical lands. Which is why they've developed a fantastical free-to-pay MMORPG entitled Riders of Icarus. This PC-exclusive allows you to ride ferocious beasts who aid you during your encounters with massive bosses alongside your fellow Riders. That's not your only mission, though; your powerful Mount also comes in handy as you explore a massive world and collect other creatures. To get you properly prepared for your future adventures in the game, let's take a look at the top 10 most powerful Mounts in Riders of Icarus. Note - these mounts are based on the power level of each monster based on progression throughout the game. The monsters are in order of where you'll encounter them (Starting with Prishta the Cannibal) in the first area to the last (Void Kargyle) in the Lost Roost within the Tritael Rift.

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