Top 5 Best New Android Action Games of September 2016

Mercenary Kings

Summer blockbusters are always a riveting endeavor. This year’s hottest films gave us a bunch of explosive thrills that we’re sure to never forget.

If you still have a taste for big guns, powerful Gods, badass female criminals and sharks, then these Android games are ready made for you. Every month, we arrive with a number of high quality playable experiences that make the Google Play store an important destination. So we made sure to collect the five most riveting action games that are full of exciting situations. We’re sure you already checked out our top five Android games for the month of September 2016 that won’t cost you a dime.

So let’s cut the chit chat and count down our picks for our top five Android action games for September 2016.

1. Mercenary Kings

OUYA Publishing – Mercenary Kings TrailerMercenary Kings is now available on Razer Forge TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and NVIDIA Shield! For Razer Forge TV: For Google Play & NVIDIA Shield: For Amazon: In this frantic 2D action game, you are part of the Mercenary Kings, the most skilled team of warriors-for-hire on Earth, but when your comrades have fallen and the fearsome forces of CLAW have seized an island-wide top secret Laboratory Base, you must do what it takes to stop them. But you're not going in unprepared! Your back-up is made of a crew of rogue geniuses and experts of their field! Able to craft & customize guns'n'blades or upgrading body armor, you've never been this ready to join the fight. Whether its solo or with friends, move out, cut down CLAW and save the world! Features: – Mission based run and gun game. – Looting and crafting. Craft new knives and gun parts. – Single player and local co-op up to 4 players. – Over 100 missions. – Gain rank points, rank up, unlock new missions and items. – Character animation by Paul Robertson.2016-09-06T19:08:53.000Z

Did any of you happen to play this 2D side-scrolling shooter on the PS4? It meshed together the retro visuals that looked awesome in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the shoot ’em up carnage from the Contra series. You’ll get the most enjoyment from this awesome take on 80’s run & gunners on your big screen since it’s ready made for the Android TV platform. Mercenary Kings is chock full of frantic battles against all sorts of baddies, plus you’ll get to manage your own squadron of mercenaries who build anything/everything. The mazes you’ll explore are spread out over hundreds of missions, so make sure you’re prepared to complete them all (especially with three other buds). There’s plenty of slick knives and guns on hand here to dominate in Mercenary Kings.

Download it here.

2. Fury of the Gods Tango

Fury of the Gods Tango

As an all-powerful God, you’re forced to use your mighty powers upon a population of non-believers. Fury of the Gods Tango is a tower-defense struggle that gives you the abilities tied to one of three playable Greek gods. Zeus, Poseidon or Hades will be under your control as you strike down the heathens that look to tear down the temples that praise you. The majestic displays of power look amazing and you’ll truly feel unstoppable as you reign down pain with just finger taps. It feels good to smite those who disrespect you, especially when you can do it all from the Heavens above. STRIKE DOWN UPON THEE WITH FURIOUS ANGER!

Download it here.

3. League of Stickman 2016

league of stickman 2016Game AppStore! Самая захватывающая игра года ― League of Stickman! league of stickman league of stickman 20162016-09-11T11:55:23.000Z

Remember those skinny faceless figures you used to draw on hundreds of looseleaf paper? Chances are you equipped them with assorted weaponry and drew them facing off in climactic battles. League of Stickman 2016 brings those dream scenarios to life within a melee-focused foray into a dark world. Athy, Feist, Zilong, Monk and several other stickman fighters are capable of pulling off plenty of slick looking maneuvers that make you feel like a true combat master. Slaying all types of beasts and finally confronting the boss is an old school path to gaming’s form of resolution, which is present here and accounted for. This one’s really packed with enough high-paced action to keep you captivated.

Download it here.

4. Crime Queen Mad City Simulator

Crime Queen Mad City Simulator (by TimeDotTime) Android Gameplay [HD]Welcome to Crime Queen Mad City Simulator Game with suicide squad to mad town for epic clash of crime. Google Play link: ========================================== ► SUBSCRIBE HERE:- =========================================== ► FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:- ► LIKE US ON FACEBOOK:- ► CONNECT US ON GOOGLE+:- ============================================ In Crime Queen Mad City Simulator Gameplay explore immense urban area of mad town with crime queen within the dark, seedy and remorseless underworld mafia. Retaliate murder of corporate trust members by corrupt law enforcement officials. Fight hand combat, master disturbance attack in concealment and grab arms for epic gunplay missions against town enforcement. Pick up bat and beat the hell out of rival gangsters. Fight police forces with gun shooting and explosives like grenades. Ride Harley bike for extreme moto stunt fun and drive super luxury cars. Shoot rival gang members with automatic weapons. Commit serious crimes like snatch mafia member for extortion cash and drug importation. Drive sports cars and escape police chase when atrocious crimes. Straight outta jail head to mafia chief and obtain recruit in prime criminal gang. Get into crazy action to expand turf within Crime Queen Mad City Simulator. Work for Don Corleone to retaliate his lost family in syndicate gang wars. Dark intriguing and remorseless world of crimes is at your fingertips currently. Get out of urban slums and enter into meretriciousness of crime world. Play Crime Queen Mad City Simulator game for unlimited hours of violence and misappropriated adventures. Embrace dark lifetime of remorseless crimes fighting against police and rival criminals. Get armed with bat, guns and grenades to make bigger enemies. Ride bike or drive felon cars in town for chaos and mayhem in streets. Show real driver ability to run away from chasing police cars and bikes. Prepare for bad ass action against law and break each rule to select a fight against criminal giants. Have interaction in squad car pursuit and escape epic chase in mad town crime machine game. Forget san andreas crime stories and build your own criminal empire in clash of crimes. Deceive law enforcement officials, double cross mafia members and luxuriate in driving muscle cars into open world 3D Crime Queen Mad City Simulator town. Earn cash for committing crimes and misappropriated activities. Rise from slums to prime of criminal piles along with your experience. Grand arrange for motorcar thieving missions in san andreas town. Steal cops bike and police cars for crazy fun on the go. CRIME QUEEN MAD CITY SIMULATOR GAME FEATURES: – Expert hand at hand self-defense combats. – Master concealment disturbance attacks. – Use base bat or shoot guns to kill enemies. – Blow up rival’s victimization grenades. – Ride significant bikes and drive sports cars. – Unlimited crazy action. – Huge mad crime town setting. – Realistic graphics. Stick around Crime Queen Mad City Simulator for awesome action and crazy updates during this crime simulator game. Please Rate, Share and Comment too, really want to entertain all of you, so tell me what you want! Thank you guys for watching – DroidGameplaysTV2016-09-19T16:13:03.000Z

We’re still shocked at the fact that there still hasn’t been a mainline GTA entry that’s featured a female protagonist. While we can’t go for illegal joyrides as a lady in Rockstar’s blockbuster franchise, we can act out that dream scenario on mobile devices. Crime Queen Mad City Simulator is the type of game where you try to raise all types of hell as a female felon. Your crime rate raising chick can throw hands with the best of ’em, take out her enemies stealthily and shoot/blow up anyone who crosses her. In this game’s mad city, you reign supreme as the sole queen of crime.

Download it here.

5. Shark Sniping 2016

Shark Sniping 2016 – Android Gameplay HDFOR MORE ANDROID GAMES - Shark Sniping 2016 by Tapinator, Inc. Kill All Angry Sharks and Save jet-ski rider in vast sea environment! Hey you shooting lovers out there!! Be a shark hunter, kill all the sharks & save jet-ski rider!! This Sniping Adventure takes you to the vast ocean where you can hunt all crazy sharks attacking jet-ski riders. Play as a shark shooter and clear the sea full with crazy sharks. Shark Sniping 2016 is a new label in real hunting and shooting experience which you ever played. Those peoples who cannot risk their life hunting crazy sea sharks can enjoy real hunting experience by playing this real life game. Endeavor into the vast sea and go aboard on a grand hunting journey in the land of sharks. You are a brave Shark Hunter on a mission to save Ski-rider attacked by angry sharks in amazing sea environment. You have to hunt down all sharks and others sea creature and save jet-ski rider that’s your ultimate goal. Use advance weapons like Beretta, UMP, 9MM and the AK-47 rifle for instant kill & special high power bullets for a greater effect! This ultra-fun challenging Shooting experience is in your hands now. This sniping adventure bring you another action packed shooting game, this game will make you addicted to this Shooting mania. Features of Shark Sniping 2016: • Easy and Smooth controls to enhance your shooting experience. • Stunning 3D Graphics depicting Ocean/Beach Environment. • Mission to save a Jet-Ski rider from crazy Sharks • Smooth, easy and Addictive game play. • Number of weapons to choose from including MP5, Beretta, UMP, 9MM, and the AK-47 rifle etc. • Unique weapons Upgrade feature • Amusing sounds and 3D graphics. • Real life Shooting/hunting experience. ———————————————————————————————– Download link –

Sharks are always hungry for a piece of meat. Well more preferably, meat of the human kind. As a shark hunter, your duty is simple: defend all the jet-ski riders you spot in your crosshairs and blast away all the sharks tailing ’em. From a high vantage point, you’ll need to master your sniping skills quickly because there’s a wealth of sharks to take out. You’ll be armed with all sorts of firearms (the AK-47, 9MM, MP5 etc.) and keep a close eye on the beautiful sea landscapes you’re trusted with protecting. Shark Sniping 2016 is a simple FPS that manages to provides all the thrills you’d expect from a game that includes bloodthirsty sharks.

Download it here.