WATCH: Nintendo NX Revealed, Officially Named Nintendo Switch

The codenamed Nintendo NX has been officially unveiled, and it’s known as the Nintendo Switch.

Based on the trailer, it looks as though the console will be a home/handheld hybrid as initially rumored. The handheld portion looks somewhat like the Wii U gamepad, except the remotes are detachable. It also appears that you can link up the portable device with your friends for multiplayer play. In addition to the portable gamepad, the trailer also shows a more traditional controller with the Nintendo Switch logo on it, which looks something like the Wii U Pro controller. It also confirms the rumor that the system will use cartridges as opposed to discs.

It gives us a look at several games, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and an unspecified Mario 3D platformer. It also shows what looks like Mario Kart 8, which could indicate either backwards compatibility or an ultimate edition.

The video doesn’t give any information regarding the hardware, specs, or price so hopefully that will be revealed in the near future, perhaps via Nintendo Direct.

The end of the trailer confirms that the console is still set to release in March 2017, although it doesn’t give an exact date.

We’ll update with details as they become available, so keep checking back for that and all your gaming news.