‘Call of Duty’: Infinite Warfare’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

No matter what anyone says about Activision’s long-running FPS series, it still manages to sell like hotcakes on an annual basis.

Call of Duty still remains one of the most successful video game franchises to this day. Its winning formula manages to become a bit more refreshed every year thanks to the additional gameplay mechanics and fresh features implemented by Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Raven Software. For 2016, Infinity Ward is taking the reigns behind the series foray into space travel and futuristic battles amongst the stars. Infinite Warfare brings with it a new main campaign, another round of energetic online multiplayer, more Zombies to vanquish and the remastered return of a series classic.

There’s so much info revolving around 2016’s entry in the Call of Duty series. We’re going to provide you with all that and so much more with our preview guide of Infinite Warfare.

1. The Main Campaign’s Biggest Battles Take Place in the Middle of Space

Infinite Warfare lets you assume control of a Tier 1 Special Operations pilot by the name of Nick Reyes. Due to the devastating assault on the main hub of the UNSA (United Nation Space Alliance), Reyes must immediately take control of Earth’s last remaining warship – “Retribution.” This attack was orchestrated by your main adversaries – the Settlement Defense Front (The Front, SetDef). Reyes and his crew (Nora Salter, Ethan, Omar and Raines) take their fight into outer space against SetDef’s most dangerous central figures (Salen Koch, Bradley Fillion, Caleb Thies and Attila Zalanyi).

As you engage in various missions as Reyes, you’ll utilize several futuristic firearms, navigate zero-gravity environments and bring new tools (such as the boost pack, wrist computer and grappling hook) along with you as you head deeper into space. In between missions, you’ll head back into your trusty ship Retribution. This hub location allows you to engage in main/side missions and check on your overall progression throughout the campaign. Check out the story trailer posted above to see how this main campaign will unfold.

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2. The Multiplayer Incorporates the Use of Combat Rigs, New Maps, Fresh Weaponry and So Much More

Infinite Warfare is ready to bring the series longtime implementation of online multiplayer further into the future. Your chosen avatar will hop into a new type of battle suit (“Combat Rigs”) that configures them for different styles of play. Each Rig comes equipped with three types of “Payloads” (powerful weaponry or abilities) and three distinct “Traits” (persistent abilities that strengthen your character’s play style). The Rigs present in this sequel includes “Warfighter,” “FTL,” “Merc,” “Phantom,” “Stryker” and “Synaptic.” The trailer posted above showcases the best aspects of each Rig in battle.

Along with the addition of Combat Rigs, Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer component will include new weapons, maps, challenges, scorestreaks etc. When it comes to the new stages you’ll soon become familiar with, your intergalactic battles will take place on “Frost,” “Terminal,” “Frontier,” “Throwback” and “Breakout.” Some of the new guns you’ll end up equipping includes the NV4 Assault Rifle, Reaver Shotgun, Volk Assault Rifle, eRad Submachine Gun, EBR-800 Sniper Rifle etc. Heading into battle also means you’ll need to bring “Lethals” (the Seeker Grenade, Black Hole Projector, Bio Spike etc.) and “Tacticals” (the Adrenaline Drip, Cryo Mine, Dome Shield etc.) with you at all times.

3. This Installment’s Zombies Mode Will Transport Players Into the 80’s

Taking on the undead in Infinite Warfare means you’ll be transported into the flashy era of the 1980’s. “Zombies in Spaceland” throws four aspiring actors turned unwilling movie experiment participants into an amusement park flooded with otherworldly horrors. The mastermind behind the horror’s you’ll confront (named Willard Wyler) takes out his frustrations on four young archetypes within his latest horror film. Those character personalities feature a jock (A.J.), nerd (Poindexter), valley girl (Sally) and rapper (Andre). The DJ who’ll provide the bumping soundtrack for all your zombie killing will be none other than David Hasselhoff. To get a clearer idea of this entry’s Zombies Mode, check out the trailer above.

4. Pre-Ordering Certain Editions of Infinite Warfare Will Give You Access to Modern Warfare Remastered

While Infinite Warfare is set up as the main attraction this year, some longtime Call of Duty fans may think otherwise due to the special remastered title packaged with it. If you happen to pre-order Infinite Warfare’s Digital Deluxe, Digital Legacy, Legacy or Legacy Pro Editions, you’ll also get a digital copy of Modern Warfare Remastered. Raven Software stepped up to fine tune this FPS classic and retool its graphical fidelity for current-gen consoles. The full single-player campaign makes its return, plus all of the game’s launch/DLC maps will accompany its multiplayer. You can see just how awesome Modern Warfare Remastered looks in action with the trailer posted above.

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5. There’s a Wealth of Pre-Order Options Available for Future Infinite Warfare Owners

Infinite Warfare comes in all types of different flavors. There’s the Standard Edition of the game that just gives you a physical/digital copy, of course. Pre-ordering this edition and the others we’ll mention afterwards will give you early access to the bonus map (“Terminal”) and the “Zombies in Spaceland Pack,” which comes with a special weapon camo skin, animated player card and a set of Fate/Fortune Cards. Choosing to go with the Game + Strategy Bundle of Infinite Warfare means you’ll acquire a standard copy of the the game and a physical copy of Prima’s official strategy guide.

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As for the Huge Crate + Game Bundle Edition of Infinite Warfare, your pre-order will gift you with a standard edition of the game and the physical Huge Crate that includes:

Jackal Raider Messenger Bag – Sleek and ready for wherever your journey takes you, the Jackal is THE S.C.A.R. aircraft of choice and takes pride of place on this incredibly useful messenger bag. Jackal Raider Lanyard – Long, strong and ready to take your keys – or whatever else you choose to throw at it! This lanyard also includes a Jackal Raider insignia charm. Retribution Beanie – A comfortable and warm beanie featuring the logo for the ‘Retribution’ – a UNSA carrier and your main base of operations in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. S.C.A.R Pin Badge – Keep your allegiances close to your heart with this S.C.A.R.-branded pin badge. Call of Duty Flashlight – Take action under the cover of darkness with this Call of Duty-branded Flashlight. Limited Edition Art Cards – A selection of 3 Limited Edition cards for your collection, based on key artwork from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare’s Season Pass will gift players with 10 separate Supply Drops as soon as the game launches. Plus you’ll acquire four map packs throughout 2017, which means you’ll get to take your online multiplayer battles onto new maps and engage in some new Zombies Mode DLC.

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