WATCH: ‘Halo’ 15th Anniversary Live Stream

Master Chief has been defending humankind from all sorts of alien threats since 2001’s Combat Evolved.

Since his arrival on the original Xbox, he’s garnered a huge following among FPS fans and the Halo franchise has branched off into other forms of relevant media. 343 Industries has taken great care to build the future of Halo into something even more grandiose. In a nice gesture to fans, Microsoft will present a special 15th anniversary live stream and celebrate the past, present and future of one of the biggest FPS franchises that’s still alive and kicking. This event is set to feature new footage of Halo Wars 2, highlights from the Halo Museum, Halo 5 multiplayer matches with fans and many more surprises.

We’ve got the video feed presentation of this new Halo live stream, so stick around and check out what’s next from 343 Industries.

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