‘Pakka Pets Village’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Pakka Pets Village – Game ExplanationA bizarre, adorable pet adventure for your phone, coming 11/10/16 Get it on iPhone and Android: get.pakkapets.com Can you discover all the Pakka Pets in the world? Collect all the Pakka Pets and build the coolest village! Adorably cute & insanely fun. Use your creativity to design your own unique world and see how many…2016-11-02T04:41:50.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Pakka Pets Village.

1. Information is Power

Pakka Pets Village

• You can press and hold on any item in your fridge or in alchemy to read its stats.

2. Bedtime

Pakka Pets Village

• Your pet likes to sleep with the lights off, just like you. If you shut the lights off when it’s sleepy, it’ll quickly fall asleep. Even more important: if you remember to turn the lights off when your pet goes to bed for the night, its metabolism and happiness will slow to a crawl, keeping it comfy and happy all night long.

3. Power Evolving

Pakka Pets Village

• Trying to discover an elusive and difficult pet? Your pets can be evolved quickly by feeding them food with “evolve” points. Your pet’s evolution is based on their average happiness and hunger since their last evolution. Caring for your pet immediately after it evolves will make its averages sky-rocket, creating a perfect moment to evolve it again for a great outcome. Also, don’t forget to use the “inspector” item: it’ll tell you what pet you’re on track to getting at any given moment.

4. Gems

Pakka Pets Village

• Including a gem when crafting will guarantee you’ll get a item with “evolve” stats or something rarer. Once you unlock the cave location you’ll be able to mine gems every day.

5. Super Rare Items

Pakka Pets Village

• The store’s inventory changes every few hours, but make sure to check every category when it does. Sometimes extremely rare items will appear, like recipe books that unlock new crafting possibilities, magic seeds to bring your pet back to life or ghost bottles that let you trap the sprits of the dead.