‘Plants vs. Zombies Heroes’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Launch TrailerPlants vs. Zombies Heroes is now available worldwide! You can download Plants vs. Zombies Heroes on the iTunes AppStore and Google Play: smarturl.it/pvzhyt A new take on collectible card games, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes gives you the chance to choose your favorite super-powered plant or zombie hero, assemble a team, and battle against friends and…2016-10-18T14:00:06.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. This helpful advice comes courtesy of the game’s Producer, Rob Watkins.

1. Put Four Copies of Key Cards in Your Deck

Plants vs Heroes Zombies

• You can establish a strong foundation for your deck by including four copies of those cards that are most integral to how your deck performs. Having four copies of your most important cards maximizes the chances that you’ll draw them, and pave the path to victory. The above deck has four copies of both Shroom for Two and Buff-Shroom which yields a good chance of utilizing this powerful opening.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Cost Curve

Plants vs Heroes Zombies

• While the more expensive cards have dramatic effects, you must get to the latter stages of the game in order to play those cards. Include at least eight cards that cost one Sun or one Brain, eight that cost two, and eight more that cost 3 to ensure you can play cards early on. Use fewer copies of the more expensive cards. The above deck only utilizes six cards that cost more than three.

3. Try to Spend All Your Sun or Brains Each Turn

Plants vs Heroes Zombies

• Each turn, make sure you formulate a plan to fully utilize your resources. Strive to use all your Brains or Suns since they do not carry over from one round to the next. This should enhance your prospects for victory.

4. Try to Find Synergies

Plants vs Heroes Zombies

• Look for combinations of cards which synergize with each other. Ideally, each card can stand on their own, but are more even more effective when played with a complimentary card. For example, some cards, like Snowdrop, are weak on their own, but powerful with freezing synergies like Iceberg Lettuce and Chilly Pepper. In the above example, the two Snowdrops will get +4/+4 from the two Snow Pea freeze effects prior to their turns to fight.

5. Try to Match Strategies to Heroes

Plants vs Heroes Zombies

• Each Hero leads two classes of cards and can use four different Superpowers. Some are better at early attacks, while other Heroes are better in the late game. Try to match your strategies with Heroes that can support them well with the tools at their disposal. Nightcap, illustrated above, has two Mushroom Superpower Tricks which complement the other mushrooms in his deck.

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