‘Pokemon Go’ Not Loading Graphics Properly: How to Fix

pokemon go cant dodge

‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Many Pokemon Go players are experiencing a bug where graphics do not load properly following the game’s most recent update.

Complaints about this glitch began to hit the front page of Pokemon Go subreddits on Monday, with dozens of users saying that when they open up the app, the game does not display any Poke Stops, gyms, or Pokemon. Usually, some elements of the game load but others fail to load.

Right now, the only way to solve this issue is by force closing the app. On iOS devices, this can be done by tapping the home button twice and then swiping up on the Pokemon Go app. On Android, go to settings, apps, find the Pokemon Go app and hit “force stop.” From there, simply reopen the game, and most of the time that should have fixed the issue. If it hasn’t, try restarting the app again; it can sometimes take more than one try.

The only other potential solution is to open and close the journal; weirdly, some players have reported that doing this can get everything to load properly again, although it’s hardly a reliable fix.

Primarily these complaints have come from iOS users, although it doesn’t seem to be a problem exclusive to Apple, as a few Android players have reported that they experience the same thing. This bug also isn’t entirely new, having popped up now and then since the game’s launch in July. However, more players are experiencing the bug now than ever, leading to some speculation that the game’s most recent update might be to blame.

One Reddit user complained today that this glitch occurs roughly half of the time they open the Pokemon Go app. Another user said that for weeks, every time they start the game, no Pokemon or gyms load. The second time they open the game, everything loads except for the buddy Pokemon. Finally, the third time the game is opened, everything works properly. Reddit user suburbanbird wrote of this glitch, “its pretty much the reason I stopped playing, too annoying to bother with it anymore.”

A lot of fans have also been experiencing this not just when they open the app, but when they return to the app after not playing for a bit. Niantic has not yet acknowledged this bug on their social media pages.