‘Pokemon Go’ Update 0.45.0 & 1.15.0: How to Get the Daily Bonus Feature



Niantic has announced that they are finally releasing the new Pokemon Go update where you can get daily bonuses just for using the game. On top of that, there’s now a built-in pause when you defeat a gym leader, to prevent sniping.

Here’s how to get the new features.

To get the update, check in your Android or iOS app store for the latest update to Pokemon Go. The update will be version 0.45.0 for Android and it will be version 1.15.0 for iOS devices. The update may not be immediately available yet. Niantic posted on Sunday that the app was being updated right then, which means that it could take a while for the update to be available for everyone.

If you have your phone set to get updates automatically, you can check to see if you have the update simply by playing the game. You’ll get bonuses for your first Pokestop spin and Pokemon catch of the day, along with extra bonuses for catching Pokemon seven days in a row or spinning Pokestops seven days in a row.

Don’t worry if the update’s not showing up yet for you, even if you see that other people already having the update. The update will be in your app store soon. The update typically starts propagating on Android right away, but it’s typically released in stages, meaning that some areas will get the Android update before others. (You can read more about staged rollouts of updates on Android here.)

The update was also submitted to Apple, but sometimes Apple can take up to two days to review and get their updates out or longer. It should be available to most people within a day or two.

Some players have observed that the updates tend to arrive on the West Coast of the U.S. first, and the midwest gets the updates a little later, sometimes as much as 12 hours after the West Coast.

This new update will also increase the amount of prestige a rival gym loses when you defeat a regular gym member, and it will lower the amount of prestige you gain by training at a friendly gym.

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