‘Steep’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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You know what’s lacking in today’s current gaming landscape? Snowboarding games.

The SSX series turned the whole sports gaming sub-genre on its head with its arcadey feel and outlandish cast of snowboarders. Then it returned…and honestly fell kinda flat. Ever since then, gamers haven’t had a whole lot of opportunities to go shredding in the snow alps. Ubisoft Annecy decided to dedicate all their game development talents into producing an all new extreme sports franchise. This open-world trip into the coldest of locales looks to be the next great snowboarding game we all deserve.

There’s a lot to know about Steep, which is why we’re here with this five fast facts preview guide for you all.

1. You Can Travel All Over the Mountainside Through Four Different Transportation Methods

Steep’s main locations are the snowcapped Alps and Alaska. You can choose to go adventuring from a 1st-person or 3rd-person viewpoint (you’ll never be stuck with your chosen POV from the beginning since you can switch between them at will). Your solo/multiplayer experiences will implement the usage of a GoPro camera that documents all your successes and hilarious fails.

Traversing Steep’s high peaks can be done through snowboarding, skiing, paragliding or by taking to the skies in a wingsuit. It’s also possible to switch to either of these activities at any point in the game, too. The Alps and Alaska are highly explorable hubs that hide all types of hidden locations and the highest points to take death defying leaps from. Fast traveling can be accomplished by hitting up “Drop Zones,” plus you can take note of farther locations by throwing on your trusty binoculars.

2. You Can Meet Up With Other Snowboarders Through Seamless Multiplayer

Since Steep is an always online game, you’ll regularly spot a community of other players performing tricks and exploring just like you. Meeting up with any of them can be done with the greatest of ease since the multiplayer is a seamless experience. Once you group up with your friends, you can choose to pull off some of the wildest tricks imaginable and go free riding together to discover new sectors of the Alps and Alaska. There’s also a competitive aspect of the multiplayer where you can challenge your online friends’ top scores, lines and other assorted records. You’ll need to take the top spot during downhill races to nab medals and also land outrageous stunts that awards you with tons of points.

3. There’s Four Different Types of Playstyles to Master; The Most Hardcore of Challenges Will Test Your Skills

Four different styles of play apply to how you’ll traverse Steep’s open world. As an Explorer, you’ll need to go all over the mountain and observe all types of new locations and challenges. Becoming a Bone Collector means you’ll nab the majority of your rewards by pulling off amazing stunts and wiping out spectacularly (that means crashing after a failed trick attempt for the uninitiated). The Freestyler playstyle is mainly focused on pulling off stunning tricks with incredible accuracy and precision. The final playstyle (Freerider) is an amalgamation of all three aforementioned play types. Your skills will be put to the ultimate test as you try to complete various challenge types, such as Big Air, Forest Slaloms and Proximity Flying.

4. There’s a Big Focus on Sharing Your Best Achievements Through Social Media

Reliving your best speed runs, trick attempts or any other activities came be done since they’re all filmed with your attached GoPro camera. You can set up everything beforehand and edit whatever you just accomplished in order to make it presentable for sharing. When the game’s Mountain Mode is activated, you can utilize the video editor’s pause, rewind and replay features for your highlights package and also take personal screenshots. These captured moments can then be shared directly with Steep’s online community and through real-world social media apps.

5. Steep Comes in a Regular and Gold Edition Upon Launch

Steep Pre Order Bonus

If all this game info peaked your interest, then now’s the perfect time to guarantee yourself a copy of Steep. Pre-ordering either the Regular or Gold Edition means you’ll get the “Moonlight Pack” DLC bundle, which comes with three night challenges, three night outfits, glowing equipment and a wingsuit rocket flare. The Gold Edition includes another bonus in the form of the game’s Season Pass (which is perfectly detailed in this trailer), which means you’ll get access to Steep’s future DLC upon release.

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