‘Dawn of Titans’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Dawn of Titans – Announce TrailerDawn of Titans, coming later this year to mobile. Lead epic titans into monumental 3D battles, featuring thousands of troops, all controlled by you. Wage war against other players and capture their land through the might of your army and your skill on the battlefield. Find out more here: naturalmotion.com/5394/5394/2015-03-05T13:55:10.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Dawn of Titans.

1. Collect Mighty Titans

Dawn of Titans

• Whether they’re protecting your Kingdom or marching at the head of your army, there is nothing more majestic or dangerous than a Titan. Titans come in many different shapes and sizes, from the powerful Guardians who soak up damage while you outmaneuver your opponent, to the nimble Infiltrators who unleash devastating attacks but whose light armor means they must be protected at all costs. Build an army which supports your Titans’ strengths and you will annihilate your opponents.

2. Upgrade Your Castle

Dawn of Titans

• Your Castle is the most important building in your City. By upgrading your Castle, you unlock new buildings, which in turn can produce and upgrade new units and spells. If you want the biggest City and the strongest army, the Castle is where you should focus your attention.

3. Battlefield Tips

Dawn of Titans

• Play the battlefield to your advantage. Whether you choose to combat the fire-throwing Unak Grenadiers with the blistering speed of the Mossmane Panthers, counter the giant club-wielding Ragnar with the deadly Elithen Pikemen or protect your skillful Archers with defensive units of Spearmen. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your units in battle is key to claiming victory.

4. Fight Against Players or Complete the Campaign

Dawn of Titans

• Choose your own path to forge a powerful Kingdom. Battle against other players in Dawn of Titans or play through the single player campaign to defeat the evil Almarand, an evil Titan who seeks ultimate power and will stop at nothing to get it. With over 300 campaign missions, you’ll never find yourself wondering what to do next.

5. Raid and Capture Lands to be the Best

Dawn of Titans

• Raiding an enemy player’s Land will earn Gold, Food and Victory Points (VP), while capturing a Land will add it to your own Kingdom. Captured Lands generate resources over time, so use these extra resources to upgrade your Kingdom and become more powerful.

6. Join an Alliance with Your Friends

• Band together with friends to conquer the world around you. Reach Castle Level Three to create or join an Alliance, then battle other players to earn Victory Points (VP). The Alliance with the most Victory Points in a League earns fantastic rewards, including Titans. Alliances can have up to 50 members, so cooperation is key to defeating your opponents. In addition, Allies can donate powerful troops to one another – and can receive free Gems for doing so. If you’re ever stuck, don’t forget to call on the help of your Allies.

7. Control Your Units

Dawn of Titans

• Basic and advanced controls are both present in Dawn of Titans. For basic controls, tap a unit to select it, then tap the enemy. This will guide your units automatically to your foe. For advanced controls, tap a unit to select it, then create your own movement path by dragging the unit’s shield to the enemy. Advanced controls are great for flanking maneuvers and for catching the enemy by surprise.

8. Defend Your Land

• In a world of players vying to be the most powerful, it’s important to protect your Lands against the enemy. Don’t let players steal your hard earned rewards. Instead, preserve your power by assigning Titans and troops to Lands you have captured. This will make it difficult for players to raid or capture your valuable Gold, Food and Victory Points.

9. Relics and Skills

Dawn of Titans

• Relics are game-changing items which can be equipped to your Titan or to buildings in your City. Relics equipped to buildings increase productivity, while those equipped to Titans improve the attributes of your Titans and troops or can grant additional elemental damage to your Titan’s attacks. Every Titan has one or more Skills which also improve the health, armor or attack power of the Titan itself or of surrounding units. Combine the correct Relics with your Titan’s Skills to create a devastatingly strong Titan who can emerge victorious over any opponent. Fusing Titans together unlocks extra Relic and Skill slots, making them even stronger.

10. Play Unique Events

• The ever-changing world of Dawn of Titans means that a new event is always right around the corner. Battle against opponents with your Alliance to collect unique currencies that will unlock amazing rewards. Play unique event campaigns expanding the lore of Dawn of Titans and earn powerful new Titans which change the way you play the game.