‘Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore.

1. Slow Down

Galaxy on Fire 3

• Keep an eye on your HUD and reduce your speed (by swiping down in the right half of the screen) when the “enemy behind” symbol appears. Your enemy then ends up in front of you and you can easily take him down. In general, slowing down helps you to take better aim. But it also makes you an easier target, so you are recommended to not overdo this.

2. Let it Roll

Galaxy on Fire 3

• When doing a barrel roll, you are prone to damage for the complete duration of the animation. So you might want to perform this maneuver whenever you are under heavy fire. However, you better watch your energy bar. Every barrel roll you perform drains it and after a while, you won’t be able to perform any more rolls or boosts until the bar has refilled.

3. Full Speed Ahead

Galaxy on Fire 3

• Depending on the situation in which you activate it, your boost can be an effective means of attacking and defending. In the offense, it helps you to trail and eliminate fleeing enemies easily. In the defense, it gets you out of the line of fire when your shields or hull are about to collapse.

4. Connect With Others

Galaxy on Fire 3

• Every time another player picks your ship as a wingman, you will be rewarded with credits. That way, you can earn money even when you are not playing. So make sure you connect well with other players and have a lot of people in your friends’ list. Your balance will be more than thankful.

5. Deadly Missiles

Galaxy on Fire 3

• While lasers and blasters often require several hits to destroy a target, a perfectly timed missile may result in a one-shot kill. So don’t waste your secondary weapons, but use them effectively to get rid of enemies with low shields or damaged hulls. If you are lucky, you can also refill your missiles via crates you pick up in space.


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Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore is a game that I have been willing to try since I saw it online! However, I have been really busy with Clash of Clans and a few other games. These tips will definitely help me out when I get started. I am bookmarking this page for later use! Thanks and keep posting!


Really heavy buy in. I wouldn’t recommend even looking at it. I’m an adult. I’m into it for 250+$. To get where I’m at p, would have taken months without severe cash, (real money) outflow. GOF HD 2 was the pinnacle. I didn’t even get the prize ship as a reward. However, a Bloodstar with a lot of work, lets me take anything down. GOF3 Manticore is beautiful but do not put any money into the game. Sorry to say this but I will be even sorrier when the bill comes.

Marco Sampuel

I have just download it, I don’t like it, it feels weird, doesn’t keep up with the first GOF, the history, the controlls… GOF 2, was by far one of the best mobile games ever. I never bought the adds on because I tought the GOF 3 would be better, but now I’ll buy them just to keep playing GOF 2.

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