‘Let It Die’: Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

Let It Die

Let it Die has probably kicked your ass already. Like, numerous times.

But don’t let all those deaths crush your spirits, senpai. The developers behind this maniacal, free-to-play PS4 survival trek know just how tough its game can be. Which is why they made sure to craft an all-encompassing tips strategy guide that’ll make it easier for you to climb the Tower of Barbs. Want more powerful weaponry? Need to know how to survive much longer? Need a clue on what you rally need to spend your hard-earned currency on?

Then refer to this Let It Die tips guide to get all the answers to your burning inquiries.

1. Loot is Cute, But R&D is Better

Let It Die

• Don’t rely on enemy drops as your primary sources of weapons and armor. The equipment they use breaks easily and will ultimately leave you naked and vulnerable. Instead, prioritize on recovering blueprints and materials. Take that over to Chokufunsha and craft gear that can really go the distance.

2. Pack Your Own Lunch

Let It Die

• Fire is your friend, but it’s not always easy to come by. Before beginning a lengthy dive into the tower, it’s wise to stop by the first floor, grab a handful of frogs, and head back to the small pit of fire near the Mushroom Club. Hold out the item by pressing down on the left side of the Touch Pad and watch closely for the “X” prompt to change from “throw” to “cook” as you approach the flame. Nearly every consumable item is vastly improved by cooking, and when you’re out in the tower, you never know where your next meal or open flame will be. Finally, remember that if you’re in a pinch, the Firework Gun can cook your food (but don’t try this at home).

3. Spend Before You End

Let It Die

• Done playing for the night? If you’ve got a lot of resources, you’d best queue up your next Waiting Room upgrade at the Tokyo Death Metro, purchase some expensive Mushroom Stew, or buy your best gear to keep in storage before you log off. The last thing you want it to come in and find you’ve lost everything to raiders.

4. Keep it in the Box

Let It Die

• Don’t be in too much of a hurry to pull all your gifts out of the Reward Box. Kill Coins and SPLithium are safe in there. Similar to the previous tip, you want to protect your treasures from greedy raiders, right?

5. Pickup Your Packages and Queue up the Next One

Let It Die

• After grabbing your reward from the Uncle Prime box near the escalator, you can move up to the next floor and immediately back down to your Waiting Room to trigger your next package arrival scene and check how much time until you can open it. Whatever you do, don’t just leave a “ready to claim” reward sitting around preventing you from getting more great stuff!

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