WATCH: ‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’ Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Update: Captain America and Morrigan were recently revealed as the next two members of the game’s roster. You can see the both of them in action in the trailer posted below.

So all the rumors were true – Marvel vs. Capcom is returning!

We got a reveal trailer during the PS Experience keynote, which gave us a good look at Capcom’s Ryu & Mega Man engaging in combat with Iron Man & Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Oh and Captain America’s also been confirmed. During the close of the 2016 Capcom Cup, we were finally treated to some actual gameplay of this next crossover fighter. To say we’re extremely excited is the ultimate understatement. IT’S MAHVEL BABY!

That trailer can be seen up above, plus we have a few information tidbits that delves into this fighter’s mechanics:

MVC Infinite

– The Infinity Stones will play a major part in how you battle. These powerful artifacts can be implemented into your strategies and determine how a fight unfolds. Each Infinity Stone provides a particular advantage to your team and represents a different aspect of the universe: Power, Space, Time, Reality, Soul and Mind. Remember how things worked out in Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes fighter? Then you should have an idea of how this new mechanic is going to work

– The game is set to feature a more involved Story Mode that pits you against a brand new villain

– Arcade Mode, Training and additional playable Missions have been confirmed

– The online feature set focuses on Ranked/Casual matches, Global Leaderboards, Online Lobbies and Spectator Mode

Marvel vs Capcom infinite

– It’s no longer 3v3; this fighter is returning to the 2v2 format

– The Unreal Engine 4 development engine is powering this game

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