‘Pokemon Go’ Apple Watch: Can You Catch Pokemon Without Using the iPhone?

Pokemon Go Apple Watch

Pokemon Go is now available for Apple Watch. (Niantic)

The Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch has finally been released. So how does it work, exactly? Is it enough to make hardcore fans want to purchase Apple’s wearable device?

The first thing every player will want to know about is how catching Pokemon works, considering that’s what you are doing most often in Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, you can not catch Pokemon directly in the Apple Watch app. 

Instead, as you are walking around in the real world, you will be notified by the Apple Watch app whenever there is a Pokemon in your area. (The following two screenshots were both posted by Reddit user marcbeightsix). The screen will look like this:

You can also see on the Apple Watch itself what Pokemon is nearby so you can decide if it’s worth catching:

But, sadly, you will then have to open up you iPhone and head over to the Pokemon Go app in order to catch the Pokemon.

This makes the Apple Watch app the complete opposite of Pokemon Go Plus, the wearable accessory Niantic released back in September. With that, you could not see what Pokemon was nearby, but you could still catch it. With this, you can see what Pokemon is nearby, but you can’t catch it.

However, this isn’t to say there’s no point to getting the app. The primary benefit for many is the fact that it can track the distance you walk without your phone having to be open and unlocked. With just the iPhone game itself, the kilometers you travel can’t be registered unless you have your phone unlocked and the app running at all times, which can make life quite difficult if you want to just track your movement throughout daily life. With the Apple Watch app, there’s no need to have the app open on the iPhone anymore if you’re just tracking distance.

In addition, the Apple Watch app can be used to collect items from PokeStops. You will also be notified whenever you are walking by a PokeStop. This feature was also available on Pokemon Go Plus.

Really, the only major feature you cannot do with the Pokemon Go Apple Watch app is catch Pokemon; it will be up to players to decide if that’s a dealbreaker, or if the convenience of being able to track distance without having the main game open makes the app worthwhile.

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