‘Pokemon Go’ Apple Watch App: How to Catch Pokemon

pokemon go apple watch buddy


The new Pokemon Go Apple watch app integrates seamlessly with the game. After months of waiting, it was certainly worth the wait. But some players are still figuring out the basics of how the app works. For example, how do you catch Pokemon with the new app?

Here’s what you need to know.

If you want to catch Pokemon using your Apple Watch app, you will — unfortunately — run into some pretty serious limitations. You see, although you can find Pokemon using your Apple Watch and get notifications about which Pokemon are near you, you can’t actually catch them with your app. This is one big downside to the new app that everyone’s been waiting on. Some Pokemon Go trainers had hoped that it took so long to release the app because Niantic was figuring out a way to fix the issue. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

When a Pokemon is nearby, you’ll see the following notification:

pokemon notification


And then you’ll see what kind of Pokemon is nearby:

pokemon go apple watch app


Unfortunately, this is as far as you can get with your Apple watch. At this point, you’ll need to pull out your iPhone and actually catch the Pokemon with your phone.

There’s another downside. Some trainers have noted that if you don’t catch a Pokemon right away, you’ll get notified about it on your Watch over and over. So if you are choosing not to catch a Pidgey, for example, it’ll keep notifying you about the Pidgey anyway. Hopefully this is a glitch that can be fixed soon.

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