‘Pokemon Go’: How Much Candy Do You Need to Evolve the New Pokemon?



Now that new baby Pokemon are starting to be hatched in Pokemon Go, you’ll want to know what they can evolve into and how many candies you’ll need to evolve them. Well, it looks like we have some great news. If you can catch a new baby Pokemon fast, you might be able to evolve it as quickly as today.

Here’s a list of the new baby Pokemon, what they’ll evolve into, and how many candy you’ll need to evolve them. We’ll update this story as more information becomes available and as details are verified.

Igglybuff: Evolution & Candy Needed to Evolve

igglybuff evolution


This is the first baby Pokemon to be caught in the wild after Niantic’s announcement.

  • Evolves into Jigglypuff, which evolves into Wigglytuff
  • Requires 25 candy to evolve into Jigglypuff (verified)

Togepi: Evolution & Candy Needed to Evolve

topeki evolution

Screenshot from Niantic video. (Reddit/Mazemace)

This hasn’t been verified yet, but Redditor Mazemace posted a photo of Togepi, noting that it only takes 50 candy to evolve this baby Pokemon, according to Niantic’s trailer.

  • Evolves into Togetic (still verifying that Togepi can evolve into Togetic in the game)
  • Requires 50 candy to evolve (not yet verified)

We’re listing this information as “not yet verified” because it came from Niantic’s trailer for the new feature, not from a trainer who has hatched Togepi yet. Although it seems that most babies will only require 25 candy, Togepi may require more since it evolves into a Gen 2 Pokemon and not a Pokemon that trainers could already catch.

Pichu: Evolution & Candy Needed to Evolve

pichu photo hatch


  • Evolves into Pikachu
  • Requires 25 candy to evolve (not yet verified)

We’re listing the requirement as “not yet verified” because the details were found in a video trailer released by Niantic. This hasn’t been verified yet by a trainer who hatched Pichu.

Cleffa: Evolution & Candy Needed to Evolve



  • Evolves into Clefairy
  • 25 candy needed to evolve

Elekid Evolution & Candy Needed to Evolve


On Reddit, depthcharge posted about finding Elekid.

  • Evolves into Electabuzz
  • Candy needed to evolve: 25

These are the Pokemon that have been confirmed in the game so far, either by Niantic or by Trainers who have caught them. But additional baby Pokemon could still be found, including Smoochum, Tyrogue, Magby, Elekid, Cleffa, Azurill, Wynaut, Budew, Chingling, Bonsly, Mime Jr., Happiny, Munchlax, Riolu, and Mantyke. We’ll update this story as we have more details. In the meantime, if you hatch a baby Pokemon, leave a comment and let us know how many candy it needs for an evolution.

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