‘Pokemon Go’ Mass Transfer: How to Transfer More Than One Pokemon at a Time


Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Pokemon Go players will soon be able to transfer more than one Pokemon to Professor Willow at a time.

This is a feature that fans have been begging Niantic to implement ever since the free-to-play mobile app first launched back in July. Transferring extra Pokemon to Professor Willow is a great way to rack up candy, but if there are a large number of Pokemon you want to get rid of at once, doing so will take quite a long time. That’s because you used to have to individually select every single Pokemon, go to its screen, scroll down, hit the transfer button, and finally hit “yes.” If you have 50 Pidgeys you want to get rid of, you’d be required to do that entire process 50 times in a row.

But now, Niantic has finally added a feature where you can transfer more than one Pokemon in one go, and so you would be able to get rid of all 50 of those Pidgeys with a single button press. The feature is a key part of the game’s newest update, 0.49.1 for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS. That update hasn’t quite hit the app stores yet, but it will be there very soon, so it won’t be long before you can finally stop wasting your time transferring individual Pokemon.

Here’s how the feature is going to work, according to the patch notes released by Niantic: All you have to do is tap and hold down on a Pokemon, at which point a selection screen should come up where you can tap on all the Pokemon you want to get rid of. The number of Pokemon you have selected will appear on the bottom of the screen, and you can then hit the “transfer” button to get rid of them all.

Via Niantic’s official Twitter page, here’s what that is going to look like:

Pokemon Go

In the Pokemon Go online community, this announcement was met with widespread praise by fans, who feel like the game’s designers are finally beginning to hear their voices and take their criticisms into account. After virtually every single game update released in the past five months, at least a dozen players have asked why the latest version doesn’t include a mass transfer feature. It took quite a while, but those fans have finally gotten their wish.

This mass transfer announcement may have come at this time because Niantic is about to release new Pokemon into the game, as they revealed on Wednesday. It’s widely speculated that the second generation of creatures will be added, and so having over 100 new Pokemon would certainly create more of a need for this upgrade to the transfer button. A full announcement about the new Pokemon will come on December 12th.

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