‘Pokemon Go’ Nest Migration: Which Spawns Have Changed?


‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Another Pokemon Go nest migration has just taken place.

In the free-to-play mobile app, a “nest” is a location in the real world where the same Pokemon species consistently spawns, and so visiting a Charmander nest will allow trainers to capture several Charmanders in one go. But in order to keep things fresh, Niantic Labs changes up the nests every few weeks, so that aforementioned Charmander nest might suddenly begin outputting Bulbasaurs instead.

Specifically, these migrations occur every two weeks, with the ninth migration taking place today, December 14th.

Unfortunately, migrations will differ dramatically depending on what part of the world you’re playing the game in, and so it’s not as if every single Pikachu nest has been changed into a Charmander one. But there is a way you can find out what some of your local nests have turned into before actually going to visit them.

Over on The Silph Road, players have been assembling an essential Pokemon Go map, on which almost every major nest is reported. As soon as a nest migration takes place, fans generally start updating the map right away. You can tell if a nest is up to date by clicking on it and looking at what day a Pokemon sighting was most recently reported, as in the picture below. If the sighting was posted prior to December 14th, the nest likely outputs a different Pokemon today.

Pokemon Go Nests, Pokemon Go electabuzz nest, pokemon go nest migration

With every nest migration, some players get extremely lucky by having a local nest suddenly start giving them a rare Pokemon, while others have a fantastic nest suddenly start giving them a species that’s as common as dirt. It’s pretty up in the air and random, with trainers having no clue what they’re going to get every two weeks.

But to give you an idea of what some fans are experiencing right now, here are some of the nest changes that have been reported on the Pokemon Go subreddit so far:

  • Abra –> Exeggcute
  • Abra –> Voltorb
  • Charmander –> Gastly
  • Charmander –> Weedle
  • Diglett –> Pikachu
  • Doduo –> Ponyta
  • Electabuzz –> Scyther
  • Electabuzz–> Bulbasaur
  • Exeggcute –> Jigglypuf
  • Geodude –> Oddish
  • Jigglypuff –> Charmander
  • Krabby –> Machop
  • Machop –> Exeggcute
  • Machop –> Ponyta
  • Magikarp –> Omanyte
  • Magmar –> Seel
  • Mankey –> Onix
  • Omanyte –> Goldeen
  • Omanyte –> Scyther
  • Onyx –> Jigglypuff
  • Pikachu –> Slowpoke
  • Ponyta –> Bulbasaur
  • Ponyta –> Kabuto
  • Psyduck –> Magmar
  • Seel –> Magmar
  • Shellder –> Bulbasaur
  • Shellder –> Magnemite
  • Squirtle –> Machop
  • Zubat –> Pidgey

What have your local nests changed into after this recent migration? Let us know in the comments section below!


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