‘Pokemon Go’ Version 1.21.2: What Did the Update Change?


‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Pokemon Go is once again being updated. What’s different this time around?

On Thursday, Niantic announced that Version 1.21.2 of the game would soon be hitting the App Store. Usually, the company will link to a blog post detailing exactly what they’ve changed in the update, but this time, they haven’t done that. For whatever reason, all they have said about the update is that it exists.

But this is almost certainly related to the launch of the Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch, with 1.21.2 probably letting players connect their game to the wearable device. This app was released on Thursday afternoon, with this tweet about the update coming about a half-hour later.

Also, Niantic virtually always releases updates for both iOS and for Android at the same time. But this one is just for iOS, which indicates that it likely only concerns the Apple Watch app and nothing else. After all, Niantic is not releasing an equivalent app for Android Wear at this time, although there has been some indication that they might be working on one to launch in 2017.

Unfortunately, this means that Version 1.21.2 probably doesn’t do anything about the glitch many players have been experiencing where the game immediately freezes after being launched. If Niantic were to put out a solution to that, it would likely come on both iOS and Android; it isn’t as if the bug is exclusive to one operating system. We’ll know more about how this update affects the launch glitch once 1.21.2 actually makes it way onto the App Store and into the hands of players.

With the Pokemon Go Apple Watch app, trainers can use their smartwatch to be notified whenever there is a Pokemon or PokeStop in the area. They can also measure the distance they walk without having to keep the app open and the phone unlocked, although the app does not actually let you catch Pokemon; that still has to be done within the phone itself.

The most recent update to Pokemon Go came on Monday, December 19th. Updates are usually released on a biweekly basis, although sometimes Niantic puts one out earlier if there is a major, game-breaking glitch going around as there is right now.

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