‘Pokemon Go’: What Are the Movesets for the New Baby Pokemon?



Now that new baby Pokemon are beginning to hatch from eggs in Pokemon Go, trainers are wanting to know what these Pokemons’ movesets are.

Here are the details that trainers are reporting so far. We’ll update these movesets as more information is available.

Cleffa’s Movesets

Cleffa was hatched from a 2 km egg. According to Redditor johnmichael0703, his Cleffa has headbutt and signal beam:

cleffa moveset


Pichu’s Movesets

So far, Redditor Youregrounded, who hatched a Pichu, reported that the movesets for his were Quick Attack and Disarming Voice:

pichu movesets

Pichu movesets (Reddit/Youregrounded)

Elekid’s Moves

On Reddit, depthcharge posted about finding Elekid. He said that Elekid’s moves were low kick and Tbolt. We’re still waiting for a picture of the moves to verify, but here’s a picture of the catch in the meantime:



We’ll add more moveset details and additional Pokemon as the information comes in. Did you hatch a baby Pokemon? Let us know the moveset details that you’ve seen in the comments below.

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