‘Sparcade’: Top Tips You Need to Know (‘Two Dots,’ ‘Centipede’ and More)

Mobile gaming has taken off in recent years thanks to a flood of addictive titles that bring out our inner most competitor.

A good selection of those pint-sized experiences even offer up some form of simultaneous/asynchronous multiplayer. Sparcade, a brand new mobile app created by the creator of Xbox Live Arcade Greg Canessa, lets gamers compete against their rivals on the leaderboard for within real money tournaments. This mobile platform mixes together the best elements of skill games, eSports and mobile gaming in order to deliver an ever evolving experience. Now you can see if you truly are the best Pac-Man player out there and win a few bucks to boot.

If you’re looking to become victorious and nab as much real money as possible, check out these tips for the games featured through Sparcade (you can currently download it on iOS; Android coming soon).

Tetris Burst


• Mushrooms force the centipede in certain directions and can be destroyed if you shoot them four times. Destroying mushrooms strategically can force the centipede into your line of fire.

• Shooting a spider cocoon will destroy the spider, but award zero points.

• There’s a time bonus for completing all the stages, but it’s sometimes worth lingering on a stage to maximize points.

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