‘Super Mario Run’: How to Unlock Luigi, Yoshi & Toadette

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Super Mario Run will soon be available for iOS devices. (Nintendo)

Super Mario Run is now available for iOS devices. The game features five unlockable characters, but the process of unlocking them is a bit confusing at first glance. So how can you get access to Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette?

These three characters must be unlocked by playing Kingdom Builder mode. This mode isn’t available until you play at least one round of Toad Rally, a competitive game where you race against an opponent and compete to collect the most coins and perform the most stylish moves. At the conclusion of a round of Toad Rally, you will receive a certain number of Toads as your reward.

Play at least one Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder mode will now be unlocked. Kingdom Builder essentially allows you to buy items, using coins and Toads, that you can place on your main menu screen. Some of them are very easy to obtain and are basically just for decoration, such as flowers and mushrooms, which can be unlocked with a few hundred coins.

But then there’s everything in the “special tab,” which you can purchase using the Toads that you unlocked in Toad Rally. Included in this special category are houses for Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette, and you will need to buy these houses in order to unlock the given characters.

Just to make things a bit more complicated, though, the Toads you earn from Toad Rally come in four colors: red, blue, green, purple and yellow. The houses belonging to the unlockable characters all require a very specific number of specially-colored Toads. You can check in on your Toad inventory at any time by hitting the Toad tab on the top center of the screen.

To unlock the Luigi house, you will need 150 green Toads and 150 purple Toads.

To unlock the Yoshi house, you will need 30 red Toads and 30 yellow Toads.

And to unlock the Toadette house, you will need 200 red Toads, 200 blue Toads, and 200 green Toads.

It all sounds pretty confusing, but essentially to unlock these three characters you just need to play a whole bunch of Toad Rally until you have enough Toads to trade in for Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette.

Once you’ve unlocked a new character, you can switch before heading into a level by selecting the bubble on the bottom right of the screen and then choosing the character you want to play as. Toad can be unlocked from the minute you start the game simply by linking the app to your Nintendo online account, but Peach can only be unlocked once you complete all of the game’s 24 levels.

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