‘Super Mario Run’: How to Unlock & Play as Princess Peach

Playing as Princess Peach in Super Mario Run. (Unlocked by beating Tour Mode)Beating the main campaign in Super Mario Run unlocks everyone favorite Princess in the game! Check out some footage of Princess Toadstool herself in Super Mario Run.2016-12-15T20:25:54.000Z

Super Mario Run, the first Mario game to be released for Apple devices, is now available on the app store. The game features six playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, and Peach, but unlocking each character is a very different process. So how can you unlock Peach?

Unfortunately for Peach fans, unlocking her in the game is not a simple process. To do so, you have to successfully complete the entirety of World Tour, which consists of six worlds and 24 levels. Once you get to the end and rescue Peach from Bowser’s clutches, she will become a playable character.

While at first this sounds like a tall order, World Tour mode is surprisingly short considering the game’s price tag of $9.99, and you should be able to get to the end of it within a few hours at most.

Princess Peach has the unique ability to slowly hover down to the ground after jumping, a nice bonus that comes with traversing the Mushroom Kingdom in a flowing pink dress. She’ll be useful for making your way across large gaps, as well as guiding your fall in a way that allows you to pick up as many coins as possible. As you play through levels a second and third time, collecting all of those coins will become more of a concern.

Of the unlockable characters in Super Mario Run, the easiest to access is Toad; all you have to do is link the game to your Nintendo online account, and Toad is automatically unlocked. Nintendo sure wants people signed up for their website.

The rest of the unlockable characters – Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette – are unlocked by playing through Toad Rally, the app’s other game mode. In Toad Rally, players compete with one another to go through a level trying to collect the most coins and perform the most stylish moves possible. You are rewarded with different colored Toads along the way, and these Toads can be traded in for houses in Kingdom Builder. By buying a Luigi, Yoshi or Toadette house, you are effectively unlocking those characters.

Once you’ve unlocked any new character, you can switch to them by hitting the bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen before beginning a level. By default, the bubble will display Mario, but just tap it and you’ll be taken to a menu with all of your character options. Depending on the level, you may want to adjust your character choice based on the challenges at hand, whether they involve deadly fire flowers or tricky jumps.

Because Super Mario Run‘s main game is so very brief, Nintendo is really expecting players to go back to levels again and again, collecting coins and experiencing them as different characters in order to keep the gameplay fresh. It will be up to consumers if such a short game is worth the $9.99 price tag.

Super Mario Run is now available for iOS devices. It will be released on Android devices sometime in 2017.

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