Why Can’t You Catch Pokemon with the Pokemon Go Apple Watch App?



Pokemon Go trainers are really excited about the new Pokemon Go Apple watch app. But one question is really bugging them. Why did Niantic design the new app to not let you catch Pokemon from the Apple watch?

The answer might be surprisingly simple.

Niantic hasn’t officially announced why they decided not to code the app to let you catch Pokemon from your Apple watch. Instead, you have to take the cumbersome step of pulling out your iPhone before you can do one of the app’s most basic features.

Many trainers are guessing that Niantic included this cumbersome barrier in order to not cut into the sales of its Pokemon Go Plus device. This device, which you can also wear on your wrist just like the Apple watch, has sales that directly benefit Niantic. And this wearable device does let you catch Pokemon. So if the Apple Watch app, which is free, did the same thing, sales for the Plus might drop.

Although Niantic hasn’t made any comments about this theory, it seems like a plausible reason why the company wouldn’t code its new app to do a simple and basic function related to the game. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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