‘Sonny’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Sonny.

1. Focus on Focus

Sonny Game

• The blue bar beneath each character represents their Focus. When that fills up, they can act. Keep your enemy’s focus down by using effects that slow or stun them. This forces them to act less frequently. Use gear and effects to boost your party’s speed to regain focus faster so you can act more frequently.

2. Heal Wisely

Sonny Game

• Sonny and other characters have skills that can heal themselves and dispel negative status effects. Use them wisely. Learn when your party members are likely to heal you so you don’t have to spend a turn healing Sonny. And remember, Sonny’s Regenerate skill will dispel one random effect if he’s affected by multiple, so be strategic about how long you live with a negative effect.

3. Unlock A Variety of Skills

Sonny Game

• Leveling up earns Sonny a skill point and unlocking a new ability is usually better than upgrading one you already have, especially early on. Many upgrades only slightly improve that skill, while adding a new one will give you a wider variety of tools to work with. There is no “magic skill set” that’s perfect for every enemy. Experiment if you get stuck.

4. Swap Party Members

Sonny Game

• Every hero has their own unique skills and benefits. Veradux can hit heavy and heal, for instance, while Dr. Herregods has some invaluable support abilities that can defend or otherwise buffer your party. If you’re struggling against an enemy, consider swapping one of your party members out for someone who might be better suited to that situation.

5. Fight Smarter, Not Harder

Sonny Game

• While bigger stat numbers are always good, Sonny is meant to be played strategically. Mindlessly bashing away at an opponent will rarely get you where you want. Pay attention to the way enemies attack, their special abilities and how to counter them.

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