The Best Mobile Games of 2016

Pokemon Go

In 2016, the App Store and Google Play storefront were flooded with a ton of mobile games across all genres.

If you were thirsty for some new games focused on real-like Pocket Monster hunting/collecting, card battling takes on big franchises or big-scale JRPG’s, you were bound to find them on mobile devices. 2016 brought us all a bevy of mobile titles that featured addictive gameplay and worthwhile mechanics that put it above the rest of the knockoff trash flooding iOS/Android devices. The list of games we’re set to mention delivered on their promises of delivering boundless fun that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Here’s a list of the best iOS/Android mobile games we’re still gonna play well into the New Year.

Pokemon Go

Taken from Best Android Games Description: Pokemon has made its return to the front of everyone’s minds in a big way. No one expected this game to become the global hit it quickly transformed into. Pokemon Go lets everyone who’s willing to walk a few blocks become a Pokemon Master. You’ll perform a myriad of tasks while you’re moving around the real world amongst other Pokemon trainers. It’s up to you to capture all types of familiar fighting monsters, stock up on Poke Balls, hatch Pokemon Eggs and help your collection of Pokemon evolve simply by constantly walking. When it’s time to tear down a gym or defend one, the fun factor behind this game truly skyrockets. Pokemon Go was the talk of the month and will continue to be as the year goes on.

Super Mario Run

Nintendo seems to finally be taking advantage of the mobile gaming landscape. They definitely realize that their vault full of memorable characters can be perfectly implemented in mobile games. One of the 1st ones we got a taste of in 2016 was the one starring everyone’s favorite plumber. Super Mario Run is an infinite runner-like experience that incorporates the best parts of the side-scrolling Super Mario games. There’s a bunch of playable characters with differing stats to play as, challenging stages to hop ‘n bop through and big boss encounters with familiar foes. The multiplayer races and Toad kingdom building mechanics add so much more to Super Mario Run’s full plate of quality Nintendo gameplay.

Clash Royale

Taken from Best Android Games Description: Clash of Clans is fine by itself. But when you breathe new life into its tower defense formula with card-battler mechanics, it becomes even more of a treat. All the miniaturized troops you’ve come to know (and destroy) come in the form of usable cards. Your decks will help you defend your towers and allow you to take down any opposing ones. Competing in AI battles are awesome, but competing in the Arena for some PVP skirmishes are even more amazing. The game’s TV Royale feature gives you some great strategies to take into battle, so you’ll always have a killer trick up your sleeve. Clash Royale takes the Clash of Clans formula and improves it (which is something we didn’t even think was possible).

Dawn of Titans

Taken from Best Android Games Description: From a purely graphical standpoint, Dawn of Titans stands tall as one of the most visually striking mobile games of 2016. Thankfully, there’s a great game here to back up the strong graphical output. As the ruler of your own thriving kingdom, you’ll be in charge of building it into something even more grander. Much of the fun derived from Dawn of Titans comes from completing your other main tasks – forging powerful alliances, building an army and leveling up your pantheon of outstanding Titans. Speaking of Titans, they’re the main stars of this mobile kingdom building experience. Dawn of Titans looks like it’ll get even better from here.


Taken from Best PlayStation Vita Games of 2016 Description: Sasha’s a warrior with one arm. Doesn’t sound like much of a threat, does she? Well that’s where you’re wrong. The loss of her family and her unyielding mission to find them puts her on a warpath with her powerful living sword in hand. The touchscreen-based battle system lets you hack all manner of baddies and sever their body parts off completely. Severed’s interesting art design brings Sasha’s torn world to life beautifully. It features light RPG mechanics, a fun equipment system, an incredible soundtrack and battles/puzzles that will truly challenge you.