‘Edo Superstar’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Edo Superstar Launch TrailerEdo Superstar Launches on iPhone February 1, 2017! Get ready to battle your way to Edo City to become Japan's most famous fighter.2017-01-18T18:17:54.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Edo Superstar.

1. Choose Your Fighting Style

Edo Superstar

• As you level up, you can improve four different stats: Strength, Speed, Defense and Special. Strength and Speed allow you to deal more damage or move faster, respectively. However, if you want an extra challenge try leveling up Defense and Special first.

2. Learn Enemy Attack Patterns

Edo Superstar

• Each enemy has four or five main attacks. Once you learn their martial arts style, you can dominate in combat – until you encounter new enemy types and have to learn their technique as well.

3. Embrace the Chaos

Edo Superstar

• In many levels, enemies will try to overwhelm you with superior numbers. Don’t let yourself get surrounded. You can also turn those numbers against them by slamming enemies into each other.

4. Keep Moving

Edo Superstar

• Masaru’s greatest advantage over enemies is his speed. Most of his opponents might be stronger, but that doesn’t matter if they can’t hit him. Remember to dodge, roll and jump around in order to avoid getting hit and to keep ‘em guessing.

5. Speed is Key

Edo Superstar

• Being nimble with the touch screen is also essential. Short, quick swipes will work better than slower, methodical ones – both because you’ll be able to move Masaru around faster and because they’ll register on the touch screen better.