Has Unown Been Found in ‘Pokemon Go’? [PHOTOS]

unown in pokemon go


Niantic just released Generation 2 for Pokemon Go, and trainers believe there aren’t too many rare Pokemon in this list. A few are not coded into the game at all yet, and legendaries will also be missing. (See a complete list of rare and legendary Pokemon here.) One particular Pokemon that trainers have been wondering about is Unown. Early in the morning on February 17, shortly after midnight, Redditor MissingNebula, a trainer in Milwaukee, posted that they had found Unown. Has the find been verified?

Unown is a Generation II Pokemon known as the “Symbol Pokemon.” They are hieroglyph-like, thin black symbols. Unown comes in 28 forms, representing each letter of the alphabet, plus a question mark and an exclamation point. Each of their forms may have different abilities and may be able to make telepathic connections to other beings. Their power increases as they come together.

Here’s what we know so far.

A Redditor Reported Finding Unown in Milwaukee

Redditor MissingNebula posted in several Reddit threads about finding Unown in Milwaukee and appears to be the first to have done so. The photos appear to be legitimate and other Redditors in the threads believe they are the real deal. MissingNebula later went and put Unown in a gym and took more screenshots to confirm the find. Until another trainer also posts about finding Unown, it may be difficult to confirm this 100 percent, but it’s looking pretty legitimate.

If this is authentic, it’s a good indication that Unown is very rare, considering how long it took to find the Pokemon.

Here are some more screenshots that MissingNebula shared:


Photo shared by Redditor MissingNebula. Unown’s animation moves around, according to MIssingNebula. This photo is taken using CalcyIV. (Reddit/MissingNebula)


unown pokedex

Photo of Unown in the Pokedex. (Reddit/MissingNebula)

MissingNebula’s photos look authentic and the Redditor has provided quite a few details about finding Unown. MissingNebula later returned to Reddit and added badge pictures and gym pictures too.


Unown in a gym battle (Reddit/MissingNebula)


Stats on Unown. (Reddit/MissingNebula)

This looks legitimate. You can see the entire album here. What do you think?

A Player on Facebook Reported Finding Unown in Singapore, and the Pokemon Looks Very Different

Meanwhile, on the PokemonGo subreddit, Redditor Delcanine started a thread seeking anyone who had found Delibird, Heracross, or Unown. Delcanine wrote that a very reputable map app, well-known by players in their country, showed Unown had been captured in Singapore. Here’s a screenshot Delcanine shared of the app:



Delcanine later shared about finding photos on a Pokemon Go Singapore Facebook group, where player Edwin Wong posted about finding Unown. Here is one of the screenshots he shared:


(Edwin Wong via Delcanine on Reddit)

edwin wong

(Edwin Wong via Delcanine on Reddit)

If you look at this photo and compare it to the photos from MissingNebula above, you can see that the Unown Pokemon looks very different. MissingNebula’s Unown has a circle around its head, while this one does not. However, this doesn’t mean that both finds couldn’t be authentic. Unown comes in multiple forms, which means that not all Unowns found in the game may necessarily look alike. However, at this time it’s too early to tell if these are authentic finds or not.

What do you think? Has Unown been found? Let us know what you think in the comments below.