‘Horizon Zero Dawn’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Guerrilla Games is releasing something fresh this year. And the gaming world is expectedly excited about what this game has displayed thus far.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fresh PS4 1st-party IP that’s already made a big impression on anyone who’s played it. Its lush expanses are a sight to behold, its strong character design makes it appear even more striking and its focus on a post-apocalyptic world ruled by mechanical beats has us intrigued. Come Feb. 28, Aloy will pick up her bow & arrow and head out on a journey to discover her roots and connection to her world’s ancient history. We’re quite sure most of you are excited to see what the hype surrounding this action RPG is all about.

So let’s delve into wildlands of Horizon Zero Dawn and see why it’s one of the most anticipated games of 2017.

1. Development for Horizon Zero Dawn Began in 2011

Guerrilla Games is best known for its work on the Killzone FPS franchise, which saw its start on the PS2 back in 2004. Before they started producing quality sequels for that series, they started out with a little known but underrated 3rd-person shooter known as Shellshock: Nam ’67. After finishing work on 2013’s Killzone Shadow Fall, rumors started circulating around a Guerrilla Games project that moved away from 1st-person shooting. It turns out that early development work for Horizon Zero Dawn began in 2011 after the launch of Killzone 3. Once the aforementioned Killzone Shadow Fall released, all of Guerilla Games’ developers led their talents to the production of Horizon Zero Dawn.

2. The Plot Revolves Around a Strong-Willed Woman Named Aloy

The main protagonist of this new IP is a young woman named Aloy. She lives out her existence as a skilled hunter and archer within a world ruled by mechanical creatures. What troubles her most is the fact that she’s been mistreated and basically ignored by her tribe since birth. Aloy gets tired of being shuttered from her supposed family and the rest of the world, which leads to her venturing out in the dangerous wildlands. She sets out on this newfound journey in order to discover her true roots, fight against rival tribes and hunt down the wild machines seen throughout the wildlands. When Aloy encounters some characters, a dialogue wheel will appear and allow her to delve deeper into the current matter at hand.

3. Aloy Traverses a World Filled With Mechanical Creatures

Aloy’s post-apocalyptic world is filled with a vast array of robotic animals. These machines come in many forms, such as the Tallneck, Snapmaw and Thunderjaw. All of these creatures have their own behavioral patterns, which you need to take note of if you want to take them down without getting mauled to death. If you manage to trap a creature, you can command Aloy to hack into it and proceed to use them as a vehicle. The tougher machines take refuge in “Corruption Zones,” which means you’ll have to tackle the challenge of handling infected beasts that are super aggressive. As you play through the game, you’ll come to discover the mystery behind the origins of these fantastical beasts.

Aloy’s main weapon of choice is a bow & arrow. She’s also able to set tripwires with her Ropecaster ability, plant explosives and pull off quick takedowns while in stealth mode. Speaking of modes of play, Aloy’s skills are spread out across three categories – “Prowler, “Brave” and “Forager.” This means you can improve her sneaking, combat and healing/gathering skills, respectively.

When it comes time to gather up crafting goods, Aloy can lift any components left behind by deceased creatures. On the main story front, it will mostly deal with Aloy’s traversal of the world at large. The majority of side quests you’ll embark upon deals with her interacting with other tribes. You’ll need to discover campfires, take note of the world’s day/night cycles and be aware of its ever changing weather systems in order to stay alive.

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4. The Game’s Pre-Order Incentives Comes in the Form of Gear Modifications and Crafting Tools

On the pre-order tip, Horizon Zero Dawn comes with some legit bonuses. If you choose to go with Amazon, you’ll be gifted with the “Nora Machine-Trapper Pack,” which gives Aloy early access to some helpful weapon/armor modification tools and extra resources geared towards crafting. Now if you decide to get your pre-order of the game from GameStop, you’ll be awarded with the “Nora Lookout Armor/Longshot Bow” gear set. You can get a complete look at this sweet piece of armor down below:

Horizon Zero Dawn Pre Order Gamestop

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5. The Collector’s Edition of This New IP Looks Phenomenal

A major release such as this one deserves a massive Collector’s Edition, no doubt. Horizon Zero Dawn’s version of the most lauded edition of any current game looks outstanding. It comes with the following goodies:

– a 9-inch tall Aloy statue crafted by Gentle Giant
– “The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn” 48-page art book
– a special SteelBook case that comes with a physical copy of the game
– the “Carja Storm Ranger Outfit/Mighty Bow” DLC set
– the “Banuk Trailblazer Outfit/Culling Bow” DLC set
– the “Banuk Traveller” DLC pack
– the “Carja Trader” DLC pack
– the “Nora Keeper” DLC pack
– the “Nora Machine Trapper” DLC pack
– an exclusive PS4 theme based on the game

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