‘Pokemon Go’: Is The Server Down?



Earlier today, Niantic released the first first major update of Pokémon Go, and added 80 new Generation 2 Pokémon from Pokémon Gold and Silver to the popular mobile game.

Similar to Pokémon Go’s original launch last year, the game’s servers have been faulty due to volume of activity. Many players are reporting that the game will either not load or is crashing every few minutes.

This caused Niantic to address the issue via Twitter below:

The crashing has sent Twitter into a frenzy, with tons of players annoyed or perturbed at the problematic rollout of Generation 2. Check out some tweets:

According to PokemonGoStatus.org, all servers are operational as of this moment.

Having issues? Let us know.




hey i cant sign in my pokemon trainer? please help helpi need my game now

Patricia SEEGER

Since early AM pokemon go crashes when I attempt to catch a pokemon! The phrase: ‘pokemon go has unfortunately stopped’ appears each time 😔

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