‘Pokemon Go’: What the New Item Carousel Looks Like

Pokemon Go new pokemon, Pokemon Go generation 2, Pokemon Go new pokemon update

New Pokemon are coming to ‘Pokemon Go.’ (Niantic)

A massive new Pokemon Go update is about to be released, and it will feature an all new item carousel that comes up on screen during Pokemon encounters.

The purpose of this new carousel is to make it easier to make use of items when you’re catching a Pokemon. At the moment, in order to when you’re catching a Pokemon, you have to press a button in the bottom right corner, pull up a menu, and select the item.

With the new item carousel, it will be far easier to quickly grab an item during a Pokemon encounter, as the items will automatically be on screen whenever you go into battle.

Via Niantic, here’s a look at the new item carousel:

Pokemon Go item carousel, pokemon go items, Pokemon Go new update screenshots

The new item carousel in ‘Pokemon Go.’ (Niantic/FortySeven Communications)