‘Pokemon Go’: Which Generation 2 Pokemon Turn Into Ditto?


Ditto has been seen in Gen 2 (Reddit/zanillamilla)

Now that Pokemon Go has released the new Generation 2 Pokemon, some trainers are finding a surprise. Some of their Generation 2 Pokemon are transforming into Ditto. When Ditto was added to the game not too long ago, trainers were excited because they had been waiting a long time for Ditto. But now, for the first time, some trainers are feeling disappointment when their newly caught Pokemon turn into a Ditto.

Here are the Pokemon from Generation 2 who reportedly have turned into Ditto so far, according to Reddit’s The Silph Road and PokemonGo communities.

  • Hoothoot
  • Yanma
  • Sentret
  • Spinarak (unconfirmed)

Many trainers are reporting that their very first Gen 2 ended up being a Ditto, which they said felt almost like Niantic was trolling them.

Here’s a video of a Hoothoot transforming into Ditto:

So far, there haven’t been any other reported sightings of Ditto in Generation 2. If you run into Ditto, let us know in the comments below.