‘For Honor’ Bans Over 1,000 Players

For Honor, Ubisoft

Ubisoft, the company behind For Honor, has announced they have banned around 1,500 players and gave warning to around 4,000 more players.

In a post on Reddit, the company said they were fighting against AFK farming and looking for a way to prevent that. For those who don’t know what this is, AFK farming is something players do to get in-game experience without actually playing the game. Players are able to tying a rubber band on their control stick, or something along those lines, and go AFK, away from keyboard, but their character still moves around in the game so it registers them as still being there so they complete the match and gain experience.

The company reminded players that using a cheat engine to exploit AFK farming is against their code of conduct and can result in a permanent ban from the game.

The For Honor team left behind a reminder of their community values:

Honor: Fight, win and lose with Honor. Support your teammates.


Respect: Respect your opponents and other community members, inside and outside the game.


Share: Share your experience, share tips and hints, spread the word! Looking forward meeting you all on the battlefields!

For Honor was Playstation 4’s top download of February, when the game was released.

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