‘Gumballs & Dungeons’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Gumballs & Dungeons.

1. There’s Easter Eggs All Throughout the Game

Gumballs and Dungeons

• On the World Map, hidden items can be found near every inconspicuous corner, such as maybe a fish in the water, a corpse in the desert, a snowman on the ground etc. Clicking on these items can increase your chances of receiving rewards like gems, coins or other materials. While exploring the mazes, every step you take or each gear you activate can unexpectedly unlock an extra gumball. More surprises await you, so keep your eyes peeled…

2. Feed and Upgrade Your Gumballs

Gumballs and Dungeons

• By using the materials that are collected from mazes and relying on your recruit scouts’ explorative efforts to feed and upgrade your gumballs, your upgraded gumballs can permanently increase your party’s overall stats.

3. Enhance Your Furnace to Permanently Improve Your Income Production

Gumballs and Dungeons

• Enhance your furnace to increase your coin production and shorten the production time period. Doing so will positively effect your income intake over time.

4. Use Those Gears and Tools Wisely

Gumballs and Dungeons

• There’s a lot of gears and tools present in mazes, such as the Hunter’s Trap that can kill all the enemies existing on one row. Plus there’s the Tree House in The Forest with a monkey on it (after submitting four items to it, the monkey will throw those items at enemies after seven turns). So be aware about all those gears and tools in mazes and use them wisely to help you kill enemies effectively.

5. Come Back From the Brink of Death to Recruit the Soul Reaper

Gumballs and Dungeons

• After several revivals within a maze, the Soul Reaper might actually to be touched by your bravery and decide to join you on a future adventure. The Soul Reaper has the ability to decrease the cost for reviving any Gumball who died during a maze run.

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